Monday, June 13, 2011

Educating Myself

One thing I have come to learn since we started this business 4 years ago, is that there is a lot of things people do not know (including myself) when it comes to herbs and vegetables. For that matter, any items that anyone is selling. With selling your product you really need to understand and know the importance of that product. Knowing where it originated, how it is used, what does it do, and many other things.

We often get numerous questions about our herbs from our customers. And to be honest 4 years ago I knew very little. But I tell you I did learn quick because as customers are asking you things about your product, you want to be able to tell them the answer. Although I will have to admit I did only learn the basics of each herb, so I would be able to tell the customers something.

But I have found now that we have gone back to our original business plan and focused on the herbs, I am very interested in learning new things about the herbs.

I just got done reading a book called "The Herbal Drugstore" by Linda B. White, M.D, Steven Foster and the staff of Herbs for Health. This book gave me the craving to learn more. There were so many interesting things that I learned about the medicines of everyday life and how to supplement them with herbal remedies. It showed me what the herbal equivalent is to many prescriptions that are being used on a constant basis by many people.  It also talked about infused oils versus essential oils and compresses, salves and lotions.

This led me to take a webinar by Kiva Rose on Herbs and herbal remedies. It was very exciting and informational. I found out that I definitely need to take a walk through the our land and figure out what the herbs are that are around naturally.

So here I am starting to read another book. This one is a little bit older but it is very interesting so far. "The Rodale Herb Book," How to use, grow and buy nature's miracle plants. Edited by William H. Hylton, with chapters by Nelson Coon, Louise Hyde, Bonnie Fisher, Marion Wilbur, Barbara Foust, and Heinz Grotzke.  Now if you know any of these names you are probably wondering how old this book is. It is Copyright 1974 by Rodale Press. Now I know that there are many new findings with herbs and things, but if you think about it. Years ago all they had were herbs. They did not have these invented cures and medicines. Everything that we take today was originated from some sort of herbal remedy. So I found it intriguing to start here.

As I am learning, there are many things that are coming into my mind on what to do with these herbs to expand what we have to offer. We already sell the dried herbs for culinary purposes. But I am going to try to start putting together some herbal teas, herbal pillows, compresses and salves. I want to learn how to make essential oils and infused oils. So as if I am not busy enough, I have actually found something that I am eager to learn and try. So as we go through this blog I will be sharing my knowledge and things that I am learning in hopes that you are eager to learn as well.

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