Monday, October 15, 2012

No More Rabbits

We have officially made the decision that we will no longer be selling rabbit meat. We are selling all the rabbits and our equipment. We will keep a few just for us for personal use, but other than that we will no longer continue selling them at market.

As all of you may heard feed prices are going up. And not just a little. Feed prices are rising very quickly and are making it very difficult for all farmers to continue raising animals.

This is the reason we decided to get rid of our rabbits. We have a bunch of loyal customers that buy rabbit every so often. But not as much as we need. The rabbits are not making us enough money to pay their feed bills let alone pay for the equipment we bought for them.

That being said we are keeping a few for ourselves and will continue to breed a few. That means we will not always have rabbit available, but we may occasionally have a few up for sale. If you would like to continue to get rabbit from us on an occasional basis, you may give us your contact information and when we have them available we will contact you.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we are sorry that we cannot continue. We hope you still come back for the chicken and our fruit butters and herbs.

Thank you for being so loyal and for understanding.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The kitchen is finished!

After the long wait and anticipation. The kitchen is finished!

We had our inspection on Friday October 5th and all went well. I have been cooking out of the kitchen now this past week and it has been a HUGE relief!

Trying to make as many butters as I have been trying to make in our small home kitchen was not too easy. Consistently pumping out and canning and trying to have dinner was not working out so well.

Now working out of the new kitchen I go down there work and come home and make and eat dinner. In the new kitchen I have plenty of room to move around. The kids have their own little corner where there is a TV, DVD player and toys for them to play with. Trying to keep a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 year old busy while you are trying to get work done is almost impossible. But it does a decent job.

Here are some pictures. I have not taken pictures since these were taken and this was before the stove, other counter and trim was finished.

Eric Jr helping clean the sinks or just playing in the water.

Julianna checking out the new potty!

Where the space is on the left is where the stove and other countertop are.

Checking to make sure his juice boxes were still cold!

I am going to try to take some more pictures this week to post the finished product. We are so glad to be able to expand now and will enjoy getting more varieties of products out to you including some specialty herbal stuff!