Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mother nature needs to take some Midol!

I hope all survived through the nasty storms that went through. We had some flooding, more like flash flooding where everything was just running down the road, hills and creeks. The side of our road next to the field got eroaded away to the point where you can see the paper underlayment. The field had quite a bit of water running through it. Over the plastic mulch Eric just got laid and our broccoli plants. Our cilantro, dill ,spinach and peas had water over them as well. The garage at my in-laws was flooded. Their driveway and culverts were overflowing! But as fast as it came it was gone!

The field is still really wet. We are having a very hard time getting things done in the field and plants in the ground. Just as many farmers in the area are complaining of.

This past week we were working really hard to get the farmstand ready and opened. There are still improvements to be done and it will be a long time until it is perfect. But it is great as it is. We have many great ideas as to what to do. We want to make this a destination to come to. We want to be able to offer great views, trails, animal petting, nature walks and kids activities. This will come in the future. Right now we are focusing on building up our stock of the things that are selling like "hot cakes" for us.

The Farmstand is now open from 9am -7 pm Sunday through Friday. We are CLOSED on Saturday due to us being at double market (Ithaca and Otsiningo park Farmer's Market). It is a great scenic drive, take in the sights and come see the farm.

This week we are having our 1st Annual Memorial Day Plant Sale. Buy 1 Get 1 50 % off! We plan on making this a yearly event and hope that you will come take advantage of it. This sale only goes until Thursday! Plants are going fast, so you may want to come sooner rather than later to get the plants you want!

It was great to see the people that came out. It was also great to know...that even though I do not get many responses to my blog posts, I know you all are listening, well reading you know what I mean! Thank you very much for coming out. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And as always if there are any questions about products, please feel free to email us or send a message on Facebook.

As far as the week ahead...obviously with the Sale going on I will be busy at the farmstand. We are hoping that Eric will be able to get the field going. If this rain could stop!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Otsiningo Park Farmer's Market- Eric Sr and Julianna

Alyssa (Eric Jr's sitter while we are at market) and Eric Jr playing soccer with a really small ball. But hey whatever keeps him occupied right?

Farmstand at the house. The shed/garage on the right is the building that we are completely remodeling and will end up being our Cross Creek farm store.

Julianna chillin' while I keep working on setting up and labeling.

Dried herb shakers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Free Range Brown Eggs

Veggie 6-packs, more on there way down tomorrow!

Lily of the valley that we have for sale.

Our fruit trees are the ones with the fencing around them. The others are apple trees. This is next to the stand and eventually will be made into a nice little picnic area.

Of course...this is how you know who we are!

Eric Jr, Julianna and I playing in the van at the farmstand.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Plan

I know today is supposed to be "Tasty Tuesday," but I did not get a chance to post yesterday because of craziness here. So I am taking today to tell you about some upcoming happenings.

This weekend was an "ok" market weekend. For all of those interested in the rabbit we only sold a total  of 3 this weekend. We had quite a few left. We are hoping that it was because it was graduation weekend in Ithaca. While at market we did not see a lot of you (our regular customers). So we were thinking you decided to stay home. At least that is what we are hoping for.  So needless to say we still have some rabbit meat left if you didn't get yours and would like to come to the farm to get it, just shoot us an email or call and we will set up a time for you to pick it up. Or we will be at market again this weekend.
Sunday was our opening of our Farmstand at the farm. I went to Ithaca market while Eric, Sandy, Bela and Eric Jr set up the stand. Thanks to a few of you who came out to get your plants. The stand is still a work in progress. I was going to take a picture to put in this post, but being so busy yesterday I forgot and I decided I will just put it in the "Wordless Wednesday" post this week. But that being said we have 2 tents set up on the side of the road with plants under and around it. Eventually what we are planning on doing is converting (rebuilding) the shed/garage next to it and making that into a store. We will eventually be selling other homemade products as well not just produce, plants, eggs, and meat. Bela has talked about some woodworking and other things. I am planning on selling some crocheted stuff, and essential oils, herbal salves and things of that nature when we get to that point.

But for now the stand is there. We will be open from 9 am- 7 pm everyday. Also we are going to be having a huge plant sale on MEMORIAL DAY! Make sure to keep checking back here and our Facebook page for the chance to get some special coupons and discounts for the stand and the memorial day plant sale.

In other news, the field started to dry out a little...Eric got 2 rows of plastic layed and now it is soaked again. We are hoping it dries out again here soon. We are getting behind and nervous because we can't get our plants in the field! The baby chicks are going to be going out on pasture this week! I will post pictures of that when we get them too. The pictures may not be up until next "Wordless Wednesday" but I will get them on here eventually.

We are headed into the greenhouse today to get everything transplanted and ready for the sale. That is a lot to do so I better get off of here and do it. I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you decide to come out for our plant sale. If not for the sale come out to see the farm, and buy a plant or some eggs while your here!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

And the winner is....

Jessi V.

Thank you Jessi. You get $1.00 off of anything at our farmstand or at market. This coupon is good for 1 month.

The answer to the trivia question was Winter Savory. Winter Savory is a perennial. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It has been awhile since I posted a trivia question. This is probably due to the fact that I have been a little discouraged because no one is answering them or even trying! But I will keep on posting! Good luck!

There are 2 types of Savory. Winter Savory and Summer Savory. One of them is a annual and one is a perennial.

Which Savory is a perennial?

You have until 8 pm Friday, May 20, 2011 to submit your correct answer. Any correct answers will be given a $1.00 off coupon good for 1 month. Please make sure you leave your email address or email me at so that I can send you the coupon.

Remember to continually check out our Facebook page and website for other details, coupons and sales!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I am trying to find some different pictures to take for Wordless Wednesday. I keep showing you the plants in the greenhouse and you are probably getting bored of it. But here is another one. And I promise next week I will have a whole bunch of different pictures.
Durango Marigolds

Durango Red Marigolds

We cannot wait until these Dwarf Sunflowers bloom!


Stevia is looking awesome!


Parsley.....We will have Parsley at market this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Basil

Rosemary plugs still waiting for transplant!

Finally the field is being worked, or well it was until we got all this rain again.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy days are back again!

We started Otsiningo Farmer's Market this weekend. Besides the rain it was a great day! Of course I forgot my camera. It did not rain at all on Saturday up at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. We had a great day there as well. Of course on Sunday it rained at Ithaca, but it was still an ok day.

I have a lot of people at market (especially Ithaca) asking how come whenever they come to get rabbit we are out. This is my answer... We are in the process of trying to expand, our demand is more than our supply right now. As of right now we have 19 Does that are of breeding age and we have 5 more females that are close to breeding age that are going in their seperate cages hopefully this week. We are planning on adding more throughout the season. Again I am truely sorry for us not having it when you arrive. We should have a few coming to market every week, but my only suggestion is if you want one you need to get there early and probably on Saturday. Because 90% of the time we sell out on Saturday and I may not have some on Sunday. We are hoping this is not the case for long, but please be patient with us at this time. Thank you so very much.

Otsiningo Marketers- We are going to make sure we have a few rabbit every market so that you guys still can get some. But once again, if you want some you really need to get there early. Until our supply is up, we will be selling out of rabbit early.

I know this is kind of a repeat post, but I still have people asking and upset. I know they are probably not people that follow this blog, but I have directed most of them to this. So hopefully they see it.

The baby chickens are going to be going out this week. They are big enough to come out of the brooder box now. I will take pictures to share with you when we do it. They will have a big area to roam.

I would also like to remind you that our farmstand is opening on May 22nd. It makes for a nice drive out here. It is beautiful hillside.

Just a hint, you may want to keep checking back because we have some specials going to be posting for our opening of the farmstand.

As far as produce, I don't believe I posted it when we did it, but the broccoli finally made it into the field! Our Rhubarb is doing great and we may have some this weekend at Otsiningo Market! We are getting some beans in the ground this week and my herb garden has been planted.

We also are planting rows of herbs in the field sometime within the next couple weeks. This way we can keep up with the dried herbs as well. I know that is another thing that people have been asking about. We are trying to keep up with that as well. I would like to be able to have it at both markets on Saturday but we don't have enough. So our solution to that for now is to take it to Otsiningo Farmer's Market on Saturday and to Ithaca Farmer's market on Sunday.

Once again we thank you for being patient. If you want to pre-order certain things we can do that for you. That way you are certain you will get it. Please email us at

Also for more information and (specials- hint, hint) visit our website and facebook page every so often!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I did not post last Wednesday so I am putting a lot of pictures into this post. These pictures are all from last week when I was planning on putting them up! I hope you enjoy! Things are growing great!
Got Eggs?

Egg dryer...yeah we need to get an egg washer at some point! Oh wait, that's me!

Rabbit cages are here!!!! Or at least the first set!

Lemon Balm and Sage in the back right corner of the picture.

Making space in the greenhouse has forced us to put stuff on pallets on the floor of the greenhouse!


Our ever so popular Dwarf Sunflowers! Once they bloom you can't help but smile!



The very first bloom on one of the Marigolds.

"The water boy!"...hehehe

Look the Easter eggs hatched! hehehe... These are the meat birds in our outdoor brooder.

Too cute!

Booth # 75 Ithaca Farmer's Market! Yup that's us come check it out!

Julianna hanging out with me on Mother's day at Ithaca Farmer's Market. This was about the only moment she was not screaming!

Monday, May 9, 2011


This week we are excited to remind you that this is the start of the Otsiningo Farmer's market! You guys were dedicated in the winter markets and we greatly appreciate it!

What does this mean?

This means that the "A" Team (Sandy and Bela) or so they call themselves hehehe,  will be in Ithaca on Saturdays and I will be there Sundays.

This also means that for the time being we will only have our dried herbs in Ithaca on Sundays due to the fact that we don't have enough to split up at the moment. We will have them at Otsiningo on Saturdays!

It means that things are going to be extremely busy for us now. And Fridays are going to be crazy. Getting ready for 1 market on Saturday isn't too bad, but getting ready for 2 I always feel like I am forgetting something. Usually I am. Usually unfourtunately it has to do with something I should have packed the kids or a product that we were going to sell!

We are hoping that this rain will not make it's appearance at market this week, but knowing good ole' mother nature, she seems to enjoy torturing us this year!

And so begins the hectic but enjoyable season of double markets on Saturdays and then another on Sundays! From here on as we know in the field, greenhouse, and market!!!!!

Make sure you come and see us at 1 of the have 3 different ones to choose from!!!! No excuses! =)

Friday, May 6, 2011


I know some of you have been wondering about Otsiningo Market. We will be starting that on May 14th. We can't wait. I believe there are a few new vendors definitely worth checking out. And of course 90% of your favorites will be there again this year! There are quite a few new additions to some of what the vendors will be selling. Everyone is trying to provide the best range possible so we can bring you customers the products you deserve.

As far as our farm goes... We are running a little short on rabbit meat (yes, already). We have numerous coming up but we flew through 50 within 1 1/2 months. Not something that we expected! It is great for us, but not so good for you. We are hoping to have a bunch starting in June. Right now we have 8-12 that are going to be butchered in the next few weeks.   So I am sorry to say that once again we will not have rabbit for Otsiningo Market until June.

Free range Chicken... We also did not expect to do as well as we did with these! Once again, great for us, not so good for you. We will have these by June (end of June?)! We will be bumping up production on numerous things this year that worked well for us, but unfourtunately it will take a little bit.

Dried Herb shakers... I am getting those out as fast as I can. We are starting to run very low on these. We have managed to go through the winter stock that I actually did not think we would. We have numerous large plants that we are keeping in the greenhouse so we can get them to grow faster and produce more for us. I have already dried and packaged 3 cuttings of mint and catnip. We have a lot of rosemary that I need to get ground up and packaged, which I plan on doing before market next week.

Free range brown eggs... We have a ton!!!! We will have eggs at both Ithaca Market and Otsiningo!

Also new to mention. We will be opening our farmstand on April 22nd! Come check it out! We will have all of our products available to you there! It would make a nice little Sunday drive!

Hope to see you soon! Feel free to email or send comments on facebook if you have any questions!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is a recipe that I got out of Family Circle magazine. I believe it was the February 2011 issue.

I made it for dinner last night and it was delicious. Eric Sr does not like to eat tomatoes too much so I was afraid he would not like it. But he even said it was great.


2 tbsps olive oil
1 onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 can (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes
2 cans (14.5 oz) chicken broth
8 oz small pasta shells
1/3 tsp Basil
1/3 tsp Oregano
1/3 tsp Marjoram
1 bunch of fresh Kale, cut into 1 " pieces
2 cans small white beans, drained and rinsed
1 tbsp tomato paste
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
Grated Parmesan for the top

1) Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add onion and cook 5 minutes. Add garlic; cook 1 minute.

2) Stir in tomatoes, broth and 3 cups water. Bring to a simmer over high heat. Add pasta, basil, oregano and marjoram. Cook, stirring, 5 minutes.

3) Stir in kale; cook 5 minutes more. Reduce heat to medium and stir in beans, tomato paste, salt and pepper. Heat through.

4) Ladle into bowls; garnish with Parmesan.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Farming is a real job!

It is funny listening to what some people have to say and think about farmer's. There are many times where I have heard people talk about it just being an excuse to hang out with the guys and drink some beer. And as you probably know there are many more. I heard a few this week at market from random people walking by. Not to say that they were there for the produce, the cheese, the meats, who knows what they were there for. Probably the great food, crafts, nice day and the lake. But I am just speculating. Which is exactly what people do, they see one farmer and think that every farmer is like that one. Just like people do with random citizens. But I thought I would take this post to kind of explain just how 1 day on the farm is for us.

Generally we are up by 6 am at the latest. Eric Sr is outside feeding rabbits, feeding chickens, watering the greenhouse, opening up the germ box and sometimes more. But those are the general everyday things he does in the morning. After that we normally eat something and then we get the kids all gathered together and head outside. I pack snacks, drinks and a few other items to keep Eric Jr satisfied, or in theory that is what I hope it will do.

Right now our main focus has been the greenhouse. With over 6,000 plants seeded this year we have had a lot of transplanting to do. We have not even begun to seed our squashes, cucumbers, and other items that get direct seeded into the ground. Eric Sr spends 90% of this time in the greenhouse sanitizing pots, trays and 6-packs. While he is doing that I am generallly transplanting. Like I said in my wordless wednesday post, the small plug trays are 280 cell trays. That is a lot of plants to do at 1 time. We generally keep going in the greenhouse until Eric Jr starts acting fussy and wants to take a nap.

At that time it is generally lunch time so we head inside, eat lunch, and Eric Sr heads back outside. I stay inside with the kids while they (or just him) nap and I wash eggs, do public relations and marketing things on the computer, book keeping and a little housework thrown in the mix. This is also the time where I work on our dried herbs.  During this time Eric Sr is generally outside doing many different things. If it is a nice day and the ground is dry (barely any of those this year), he is generally on the tractor in the field getting the ground ready for planting. If it is raining or very cold and there isn't much he can do outside, he continues the work in the greenhouse.

Sandy and Bela generally help in the greenhouse or wherever we need them on their days off. Or when they can. When we start double markets on Saturdays they go to the Ithaca market and we go to Otsiningo Market. Bela is the builder, whenever something needs to be built he is the go to man!

When Eric Jr wakes up I generally get him together and head back outside to do whatever I can. If it is nice I like to work outside for a little bit, but most of this season so far I have spent in the greenhouse. Which is not uncommon because that is what needs to be done right now. 

Around 5 pm I try to get inside to make dinner so that we are eating at a decent hour. This has not happened in the past years we have been in business and I don't know how long this will continue throughout the season. I hope I can do it the whole time but sometimes we get so busy and there are so many things to do that we just keep working right through. Either way, right now we eat dinner and then Generally Eric Sr heads back outside to do end of day chores. And most of the time he does other things on top of that that need to be done.

Once we get into summer he is generally not in the house before 9 pm. If it is a Friday before market there have been times that we have been in the garage getting things ready for market until 10 pm and then we still bring herbs and things in the house to bunch and prepare before we go to bed.

Now obviously this is not exactly how it goes everyday, but this is what we aim for. There are feed errands to run, grocery shopping and other things in there that give us a break in the day. But I guess my point is...just because it is not a 9-5 job does not mean it is not a real job. Farmer's generally work more hours for a lot less. And let's face it, when you go to the grocery store...where does that produce come from, meat, even the ingredients used in the items that you are purchasing. Now granted a lot of the big farms hire people and the owners themselves do not work that much. But as a small farm there is too many things to do, too little time to do it and too little help.

There are times when we are invited to events, family gatherings, birthday parties or just get togethers and cook-outs that we cannot go to because we have obligations at the farm. This is our income, this if our life. This is what we have chose and some people do not understand it, but we love it and this is who we are!

As a farmer at the farmer's market we greatly appreciate the people who appreciate us. The people that care to see the face behind the product that they are eating, the care and time that goes into it and the knowledge that we can offer. And if you frequently shop the farmer's market (hopefully if you are reading this blog you do), then you know there is an extreme difference in taste and quality as well.

So I encourage you, the next time you go to the grocery store...think about buying more local or even a farm stand. Find that good-ole' farmer that has his fresh fruits, flowers, produce and other items on the side of the road for you to enjoy. And not only do I hope you savor every bite but I hope you appreciate and enjoy the quality of food and hardwork that went into providing that delicious, scrumptious, ooey-gooey...ok, ok...good  food!