Monday, June 20, 2011

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!!!!

I am  a little late with posting this considering the sale started yesterday. I have missed a few post this week, sorry.

We are having a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE herb/plant sale starting yesterday and going through Friday 6/24 at the farmstand at the house! 9 am - 5 pm!

And the update on the farm:

We will be sending chickens to the butcher very soon either this week or next! So you Cross Creek Farm Chicken lovers make space in your freezers and bellies! We have another set of babies that will be arriving probably next week so we will have more coming right after this batch. We are hoping that from here on out we should have Chicken every week, unless of course we sell out before our next batch is ready!

We have been taking Strawberries to Otsiningo Farmer's Market and we have them at the farmstand at the house. Get your Strawberries before the season is over. Strawberry season is a short one. Strawberries are very hard to grow especially with wet soil. I don't know how long we will have them but we will try to have them as long as possible.

Garlic Scapes are ready. We took a walk around the "Greenarosa" checking produce and things. We pulled some garlic just to see how close it is and how it is looking. We are very excited. :) They are looking good, another month and we will have garlic!

Zucchini and Yellow Squash, possibly next weekend. The plants look great and the deer are kind of leaving them alone.

Speaking of deer, they have already made it into the field and started nibbling. They saw that the buffet was ready so they are very happy deer now. There are 2 things I looked forward to this summer. My Sunshine Squash (looks like a pumpkin but tastes like a butternut just a little sweeter) and my Roma tomatoes. Well the deer decided that they were going to eat the leaves on the Sunshine squash, almost all of them, some of them they ate right down to the stem. And they ate some of the Roma plants!

Now if you have been a customer of ours for awhile, you know that we have some major deer problems! There is so much for them to eat in the woods and of course, they decide that thye should just come to Cross Creek Farm Buffet!

Luckily we have plants to replace the ones we lost or there is already enough of the Roma's that it won't hurt us too much. Just makes me mad!

We have not been going ot Ithaca Farmer's Market on Sunday's due to the fact that we are low on Rabbit meat right now. So we will start going to Ithaca on Sunday's again when we start to have more produce and meat.

But for now, you should head on out to the house, take a nice scenic drive and get your herb plants, Strawberries, Scapes and some flowers.  You still have time!

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