Friday, June 24, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

We have been out of free range chicken for awhile now. But good news......

We will have free range cornish cross chickens at market this weekend! Many people have been asking for it and we have been trying to get it to you. And the time is finally here!

We will also have rabbit meat at market this week. After running short on Rabbit as well for a couple of weeks, we think we have caught back up. Hopefully!

Now if we could just catch up on dried herb shakers we would be good. If you are a fan of our page on facebook, you already know that we have planted a huge amount of herbs in the field and have more to go in. We have had numerous accounts that are willing to sell them such as Cornell University Orchards, Stoughton's Farm, Garden Gate and a few others we just can't get enough to supply them with them yet.

The herb planting also ties into getting enough product for our teas, herbal pillows, salves, herb bunches, and oils. With everything that we want and need to make with these herbs we need a lot planted. I am just hoping we can get some dried before August. I already have some Stevia and Oregano drying. After next week whatever has not gone in the field for herb plants is going to be cut and dried. So we should have a ton in the next few weeks or so.

The dried herb shakers we found sold really well for us in the fall and winter. Probably because not many fresh herbs are available unless you go to the store. But this year I want to be prepared. Last winter we were totally shocked at the response to the herb shakers and could not keep  up. We sold through 100 or more just having market twice a month at Cornell Cooperative Extension. If we had more of the staple herbs (thyme, oregano, marjoram, and sage) we would have sold alot more.

I have been working on some seasoning mixes as well. I already have a fish seasoning mix, I am just waiting on the product to be able to make it! It is delicious on Salmon!

Any suggestions on seasonings that you would like to see?

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