Monday, November 28, 2011

Free range Chicken and Cornish hens

We will be taking our last batch of Chickens for the season to the butcher on Thursday. If you are interested in placing an order please make sure to let me know.  The chickens are $3.99 per lb.

If you can pick up Thursday evening, then you can have them fresh.

If not they will be frozen.

We can set up a time for you to pick up your chickens or Cornish hens either at market or at the farm.

We have a bunch of Cornish hens available as well. They are frozen.

Please email or call (607) 657-8251 and let me know what you would like: approximate pounds, fresh (Thursday night only), frozen, how many, pick up time and date, phone number, and name.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"O Christmas WREATH, O Christmas WREATH"

Yes I do know that those are not the words to the song, but it sounded kind of cool. I was trying to find a song that involved wreaths, but I couldn't think of one.

Anyways, as you know we have decided to make our own handmade wreaths this year for the holidays. Was not sure how this would come out as it was my first time ever trying to do something like this. Dad had made them years ago, but we had not a clue. So it began with Dad showing everyone how.

Then it started moving a little quicker, Eric and Dad were working on     putting the pine bows on the wreaths, Mom was clipping the limbs off the trees, and I was decorating. In theory this was working out good.

Of course Eric Jr was trying to get into everything and bug Julianna! Hopefully next year he will be helping us make them!

I have included some pictures of some of the wreaths, I will take more tomorrow and you will be able to find more photos on our Facebook page throughout the week.

These are not all of them, I forgot the camera for the first few. Those will be added to the Facebook page tomorrow! Plus the ones I get done tomorrow!

If you are looking to get one and want to pre-order it, please let me know. Email me with a date, place and time to pick it up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday baskets and upcoming new items!

I have talked to a few of our customers about this, but I figured I should announce it on here. 

Now I know personally, shopping for the holidays ends up being something that I am excited for until I start doing it and it ends up more frustrating because I don't know what to get or trying to get the exact thing that I want and can't find it ends up making me mad. So what is easier and more local than buying something from your local farmer?

Being that we are doing more craft fairs and winter indoor markets, we have a lot planned for the holiday season. We will be taking pre-orders and as soon as we get some of the items made up, I will take pictures and post them on here and our Facebook page.
Some of the things we plan on doing are:
Gift Certificates- for any amount

Gift boxes:
  • Herbs
  • Butters/Jams
  • Teas
  • Both (Herbs, Butters/jams, Teas)
Gift Baskets:
  • Herbs
  • Butters/Jams
  • Teas
  • Both (Butters/Jams, Teas)
Handmade Pine Wreaths

Herbal pillows

And anything else we can think of putting together! 

Make sure if you know you want something you get your pre-order in. Our first Indoor market is December 3rd at the Metrocenter from 9am to 2pm. If  you want it for then you need to let us know soon. I will be doing a craft fair on December 4th as well, so if you want to place an order and pick it up there that would be fine too. Please just let me know where you would like to pick it up.

And we have a few more surprises up our sleeves if I can get them done for the holiday season! I can't wait!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fibers of Your Life

This year we have decided to attend some more farm artisan/craft events. This weekend was our first one.

It was called "Fiber's of Your Life" and was at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City. It was definitely a long event. There were Alpaca's there, which provided quite the entertainment for the vendors. It was hilarious to watch the people stop dead in there tracks and be astonished that there were animals in the mall. We had our fair share of entertainment on what people thought they were too.

There were a few fiber vendors. Handmade Jewelry, Ever After Botanicals with homemade organic cleaning and body products, Allen's Old Barn Hollow with her award winning Jams, Sunny Hill Farm with their delicious honey.

I was very surprised to see a few of our regular market customers came to visit even after going to see Eric at the Otsiningo Farmer's Market.

I had Julianna with me both days. Luckily on Saturday I had Mom Krenner with me to help out with her. She was a little more miserable than she was on Sunday. Grandma lost a few pounds from walking the entire mall a few times! : )

On Sunday it was just Julianna and I, and as I was sitting there, I was thinking to myself what job could I do that I was able to have her with me all day long. Only in this type of business can I spend the whole day with my child and still be working and making money. It makes all the struggling of living on little income worth it.

I am very excited to attend the next one. And will be making a lot of Christmas related items.

We have decided to make handmade Pine Wreaths for Christmas this year. Can't wait to get started on those! We have a lot different stuff planned for the holiday season. We will be doing gift baskets of herbs, butters and some mixed baskets. They are great gifts to give for the holiday season!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Otsiningo Winter Market and Holiday Show Schedule 2011

I created a page on the top of this blog that will have this on there to refer back to.
Otsiningo Winter Market will be at the Metrocenter in Binghamton this year. They are opening up the parking lot to market customers for free. Make sure you come check it out, new vendors and new happenings.

We will also be joining in on First Friday- That will be the First Friday of every month from 5pm- 8pm at the Metrocenter in Binghamton
If you have never heard of First Friday here is a short summary.

          First Fridays, 6:00 to 9:00pm. First Friday Art Walk, presented by Gorgeous Washington Street Association, features a myriad of 35-45 art venues which vary each month. This is the Gorgeous place to be where you can enjoy art openings, gallery hopping, music, dance, theater, fine dining, entertainment and more. Most venues and activities are located downtown Binghamton.

Here is the list of all of our events right up until Outdoor Market begins again. I will keep updating as we keep adding events.
 November 12th from 9am-9pm Fiber for Your Life [Oakdale Mall]
 November 13th from 11am-7pm Fiber for Your Life [Oakdale Mall]
 November 17th from 2pm-5 pm Local Food, Fiber and Energy Fair [Cornell Mann Library]

December 3rd from 9 am-2pm. [Metrocenter] 

December 4th from 10am-3pm Holiday Craft Show 2011 [Vestal High School]
December 10th from 11am-5pm "Home for the Holidays" [Roberson Museum]
December 11th from 11am-5pm "Home for the Holidays" [Roberson Museum]
December 17th from 9 am-12  [Metrocenter]
January 2nd from 5pm-8 pm  (FIRST FRIDAY) [Metrocenter]

January  14th from 9 am-Noon [Metrocenter]
January 28th from 9 am-Noon [Metrocenter]

February 3rd from 5pm-8pm (FIRST FRIDAY) [Metrocenter]

February 11th from 9am-noon [Metrocenter]
February 25th from 9 am-noon [Metrocenter]
March 2nd from 5pm-8pm [Metrocenter]
March 10th from 9am-noon [Metrocenter]
March 24th from 9am-noon [Metrocenter]
April 6th from 5pm-8 pm (FIRST FRIDAY)  [Metrocenter]
April 14th from 9am-noon [Metrocenter]
April 28th from 9am-noon [Metrocenter]


Monday, November 7, 2011

Picking up the pace!

Once again I have fallen behind on posting. I am sorry. I will try to update you on the many different things going on!

As I told you before, we are now making fruit butters for Cornell Orchards. And I have told you that we get our kiwi's from Cornell as well. Well that essentially turned into me trying to figure out something to turn them into for Cornell Orchards and us. So I found this great recipe for Kiwi Jam. Yes a little strange but insanely delicious. The very first batch I made I followed the directions step by step. After finishing the batch and tasting it, I knew I wanted to change it. It was super sweet. You could barely tasted the kiwi. So I reduced the amount of sugar by half. That batch was AMAZING. It is sweet like a jam is supposed to be, but it has a kiwi after taste to it and just enough tartness.

So now my line has expanded to:

Apple butter
Sugar Free Apple Butter
Pear Butter
Sugar Free Pear Butter
Blueberry Butter
Cherry butter
Berry Cherry Butter
Kiwi Jam

It is amazing to me that just trying to find a way to use up the fruit that we bought for the festival that we didn't sell turned into this! From the point of Cornell ordering I have 2 other accounts that have wanted to carry our butters.

I really did not intend for this to go this way. Not that I don't have enough on my plate with 2 young kids, herbs, teas, and normal farm stuff. Don't get me wrong we have always tried to find a way to extend our season, and obviously this has fallen into place! It is great, I am just trying to play catch-up.

I will be dropping a delivery off today at Hollenbeck's Shurfine in Newark Valley. I am very excited for them to carry it. The store being 10 minutes down the road from us it helps our locals to find us.


Indoor Market has been confirmed! We will be at the METROCENTER in Binghamton. Parking will be FREE!!!! We may be adding some new vendors as well which is always exciting.

Our first market will be on December 3rd from 9 am-2pm.
                            December 17th from 9 am-12
                            January 2nd from 5pm-8 pm  (FIRST FRIDAY)
                            January  14th from 9 am-Noon
                            January 28th from 9 am-Noon

I will do a completely seperate post with the schedule on it so you can refer back to it.

I am also looking to do some more craft shows and fairs in the next couple months as well. Our first one is this weekend.

Fibers of Your Life at the Oakdale Mall
Saturday November 12 from 9am- 9 pm
Sunday November 13 from 11am-7 pm

Local Food, Fiber and Energy Fair at Cornell University Mann Library
November 17th from 2pm-5pm

There are also a couple that I think we are going to do in December as well. I will keep you posted on that.

With all that being said, I have a lot of work ahead of me this week. We are still going to be doing the Farmer's Market Saturday but being that I also have a 2 day event that same day and the next, I have to make a ton of stuff. I am still trying to catch up on herbs throughout all of this. I still have not put together a lot of my teas yet. I have to get my herbal pillows done..... and the list goes on.

So in short, this is the reason I have not posted for awhile. Look for some posts coming up though.

And of course I had to show you a picture of the little ones on Halloween!

Eric Jr was an Elephant
Julianna a Skunk

Now on to the busy holiday season!