Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitchen Update With Pictures.

Ready or not.....the building is here and in place.

The building arrived on the farm this week. It was exciting to see it here. Within the past week we have gone from barely anything done because of all the rain and the muddy mess that it created to everything drying out and getting everything leveled, septic in and now the building here.

What's next?

Now we need to finish hooking up the septic. Get the well pipes run to the building and the electrician here. Then our work begins. Dad already measured inside the building to kind of figure out where things need to go and to make sure everything we need in there is going to fit the way we had planned.

We went in and marked out where everything was going to be with chalk so that everyone knew where things were going to be.

Electricity will be hooked up ASAP and then building begins.

I will continue to post updates as they come along.

Septic getting put in place

Waiting for the building to arrive

Building is here!

Eric Jr wants to learn to climb trees so what a perfect time to teach him. He enjoyed being in the tree. We knew this was the only way to keep him out of the way.                                                                                         


I have not written too many blog posts lately and I am sorry for that. Once again we are falling into that busy time when I am not sure what to do when and how to fit it all in. So unfortunately the blog ends up falling a little behind.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Furr-Ever Friend Adoption Day

When I first contacted Stray Haven out of Waverly, NY I was excited to know that they would be coming to market. I was hoping that any little exposure would help them to raise funds for the organization or to adopt some animals out. Many people do not understand the amount of time, energy and space that goes into these animals at shelters that really just need a home.

Liz is currently at Stray Haven.
She is a long haired Calico Cat.

After talking to Stray Haven we had begun to think of ways we could make an event at the market to try to get the animals adopted. So we began to think of a pet food drive, cleaning supply drive.

It just so happened that Hubbards Hounds was going to participate in the market and the date that they were going to be there so was Stray Haven. What better day to have an adoption/ donation drive.

So plans began.

June 24 2012 
Newark Valley Farmers Market will be hosting a
Furr-Ever Friends Adoption Day.

We will also be having a Cleaning supply and pet food donation drive. For any item that you bring on the list, you will receive a raffle ticket. Each raffle ticket will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket from the vendors at the Newark Valley Farmers Market, Cardinal Cafe gift cards and other items.

Items needed:

Hailey is currently at Stray Haven.
She is a 6 year old pitbull who was raised with young
children. She does well with other dogs and cats.
She is a lover.

Dog food
dish liquid
laundry detergent
replacement mop heads
garbage bags - 13 gal & 39 gal
antibacterial hand soap
heavy duty garden hoses
Lowe's & Walmart gift cards
natural dog treats


Stray Haven will be there with Dogs and Cats as well as other items to sell to raise money for their organization
Hubbards Hounds will be bringing dogs as well as other items to sell to raise money for their organization

Make sure to visit their websites and browse around. Take a look at the animals!

Please come join us. Even if you are not looking for a pet, donate an item on the list. Why not? Chance to win free goods!
Payton is currently at Hubbards Hounds Dog Rescue.
She is a small yellow lab mix.

Chi is a Shiba Inu currently residing at
Hubbards Hounds Dog Rescue.
Why adopt an animal from a rescue?

 Many of the cats and dogs at rescues are strays or pets that were not spayed or neutered and then they ended up pregnant and the owners wanted nothing more to do with them. It is not their fault it is the responsibility of the owners to make sure that these animals are well cared for and spaying and neutering is one of the best things you can do for them. Some of the cats were turned over by their owners for one reason or another, most of the time it because they cannot care for the animal anymore or because they are moving and cannot take the animal with them. Either way it is a sad situation.

A lot of the rescues in the area are over run with cats. Some of them have had to stop taking them in due to the fact that they have so many there is no more room and not enough funds or people to take care of them. These cats are loving, young, old, and just looking for a cuddle and a loving home.

These 3 kittens currently reside at Stray Haven.
We rescued our cat Bugs from SPCA of Tompkins County about 3 years ago.

I urge anyone thinking of getting a new pet to think of adopting/rescuing an animal whether it be a dog, cat, horse, pig there are so many types of rescues out there. Please think about them before you go off and buy one at the store or a purebred. The rescues need love just as much as the others.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anura Liquid Soap Review

By starting the Newark Valley Farmers Market we have had an honor of meeting a lot of great people that live in our community that we had no clue about!

One of those such people is Robin from Anura Liquid Soap!

What is Anura?

           "Anura is a special formulation of recipes designed by a nature-loving chemist. The balance of ingredients in each liquid soap blend was thoughtfully selected to promote healthy hair and skin. Anura is founded on the philosophy that many of the desirable tactile characteristics of commercialized liquid soaps may be achieved without the use of industrial additives and by using natural ingredients alone."

We have had the honor of being able to test and sample some of her products.

 Liquid Soap:

When she first gave it to us my instant reaction was it was a little watery. The smell was amazing. Very aromatic. We were using it for a few days and it definitely grew on me.

It was not as sudsy as soap you buy in the store. But I know suds don't necessarily mean that it is not cleaning. After using it you could just feel the cleanliness on your hands.

Another thing that SOLD me on this soap was:
  We have extremely hard water and even with cleaning the sink frequently we get a lot of calcium build up. Eric Sr was washing his hands and a drop of the soap got on the faucet. All he did was wipe it off with his hand and I could not believe my eyes. The faucet shimmered. It was cleaner than if I had spent time scrubbing it.

Honey Matcha Facial Soap with Peppermint Oil:

I smelled it first because of course that is what you do with everything.

It smelled of honey.

I took a dab and rubbed it between my fingers and you could feel the stickiness of the honey. Being that it was raw honey you could also feel some of the wax particles from the come that the honey was squeezed out of.

I had been outside all day long and it was 80 degrees or so. I was sweating like crazy and my face was absolutely disgusting. No better time than now to use it.

I wet my face and rubbed it all over. It had this creamy yet exfoliating feel to it. It was sticky on my face which kind of felt weird. It felt like I was just rubbing honey on my face. But I continued to rub it on and let it sit for a little bit.

I then washed it off and it took a little bit more water than normal to get it off because the honey was kind of sticky.

But the feeling after I got it off was absolutely Amazing. It felt like I had just had a facial at a beauty salon. I could feel my pores opening up and my face felt so clean.

I don't like the feeling that I get from facial washes in the store because they make my face feel like it is sandpaper dry after I was it off. I can't stand that feeling.

This left my face feeling clean, my pores open but it was not dry. It was moist and fresh!

Overall thoughts:

I LOVE this stuff. I will continue to buy it over and over again. It is all natural which comforts me with my children using it. It also comes from a local producer which supports our effort in buying everything local.

Great job Robin. I believe your product is awesome and I can't wait to try more and watch your product line grow! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Project Expansion- Kitchen

As you all know our fruit butters have taken off. When we first started making them it was on a whim and we never expected it to be this great!

Our orders and expansion needs have risen to a point where it is not something we can produce as fast as we need out of our home kitchen.

After long thought, deliberation and financial figuring, we chose to take the "leap" and build a certified/commercial kitchen on our farm.  This is a HUGE commitment and long process, but I think we are all ready for it!

The well has already been drilled. The equipment was dropped off and work has started on leveling and filling in where we need more fill.

We tore down the old shed that was right next to our farm stand last year thinking we were originally going to put it there. But after careful consideration and going back and fort we decided it would be better to move it down the road further. Where the old shed is we will continue our plans of an all local farm store and pavillion to put our plants under. That obviously will be worked on a little here and there but the kitchen comes first!

My hopes are that the kitchen will be finished sometime in July. Now realistically I don't know if that will  be possible or not but my fingers are crossed super tight.

We have huge plans including some NEW products that include our herbs. We will be doing so much more than fruit butters and we are so ready for this great new expansion.

This year seems like the year of new additions. We continuously keep adding new items and projects to our farm. This is our first year of doing the CSA. First year of starting the Newark Valley Farmers Market. And now a HUGE first of expanding our kitchen capacity and building.