Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As promised a post full of the plants in the greenhouse and the progress they have made! I hope you enjoy them!
Broccoli- very ready to go out if we could ever get the rain to stop so we can get in the fields!

Calendula- One of our new herbs this year!

German Chamomile- this is a different variety than we have grown in the past. This is lower to the ground.



This is what still needs to be transplanted into pots. The plug trays with the small holes have 280 plugs. So that means....we have a lot more work to do!

Lavender- It smells so nice! I was hoping the smell would calm the kids so we could get a little bit more done! Wishful thinking I guess it doesn't work that fast!

Tarragon- This is also another new herb we will be offering you this year!

Stevia- another new addition

Marigolds- Do you see the buds about to pop on them?

A sea of Marigolds! Ok it's just a table full.


Dwarf Sunflowers- Sunny smiles and Big smiles.

Cilantro, sage and pansies

Dill and Parsley, there is 3 pots of savory in there too! Savory is another new herb we will have this year!
This is looking out towards the door. This is our heated more room and we are busting at the seams! We are hoping and praying to god that we don't have anymore freezing nights!
Left side of the heated section as you are walking in the front of the greenhouse.

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