Friday, April 22, 2011


As we all sit here and wonder when spring will finally make it's arrival, there is amazing things going on! Have you looked at the trees lately? You can see that the buds are forming and everything is waiting to pop! The tulips and daffodils are poking through the ground waiting to show their beauty and color! Yes we have had some weird weather courtesy of mother nature, but it is amazing how every year, every season, things change they are different and as much as we (especially me) complain, it is a beautiful planet we live on!

Since today is Earth day I figured it would be a good Fact Filled Friday!                           

Earth day was originally started on April 22, 1970! The founder was Gaylord Nelson, but he enlisted the help of Denis Hayes. Earth day was created in hopes that if the public became very concious and interested in air and water pollution it would force the government to make some changes. It was a big task but as we know it worked. The first Earth day led to the creation of the "Clean air, clean water and endangered species act." 
As years have gone on more and more people have been educating themselves and becoming more aware of what their actions and the actions of other people are doing to our earth! This day is being celebrated all over the world in many different ways. Ways just as diverse as the people that live on this earth! From parties, drummings, plantings, giveaways, protests and public teaching this day is becoming a day to show our appreciation for what the earth has to offer us if we take care of it!

What are you doing this earth day? Are you going to plant a tree, pick up some litter on the side of the road, share some information with someone that has no clue about Earth day? Anyway you do it just remember... "what we give we get back!" Clean air, clean water and lucious green!

Maybe we could get mother nature to decide that we deserve the warmer temperatures to get here! ;)

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