Sunday, April 10, 2011

Greenhouse bound!

First off I would like to say thank you to all of our customers that have made the beginning of this year a success!

I also wanted to give the answer for Thursday trivia! Binghamton's record Snowfall in April was 4.7" and Ithaca's record snowfall was 3.7" in April.

I am going to try to make sure I post the answers to the trivia. I always forget!!!! No one responded this week.

And now for our realization of what is going on on the farm. Between Ithaca market and Otsiningo we have pretty much sold through a lot of our stock of meat. We are now definitely getting things ready to expand.
This past couple of markets have shown us that we have developed a lot more of a customer base than what we originally thought!  Which is a amazingly great thing! We are so excited to know that you all are interested!

Now on to plants!!!!!! All of our herbs and flowers are starting to grow like crazy in the greenhouse. We are a little behind on transplanting. So today Eric, Sandy, Bela, Eric Jr, Julianna and I are going to be in the greenhouse transplanting like crazy!!! We are very excited to get our plants to market! We have a few different herbs this year that we will be bringing! We hope you enjoy them. We try to listen to you and add stuff that you have been asking for. That is another reason why we love feedback. It makes it easier to know exactly what you are looking for!

Luckily the weather seems to be starting to climb. There are signs that spring is actually thinking about showing up and getting rid of the snow! I hope I don't bite my tongue for saying this and we end up with snow again, but it is exciting. As Niechelle Wade from Sunny Hill Farm in Whitney Point  posted on Facebook, "PEEPERS!" That is a very exciting moment!  Hopefully things will dry out so we can get into the fields!

Anyways, off to the greenhouse we go! Better get out there and get stuff done!

Remember we still have one more Otsiningo Indoor Market on April 23rd. But we are also at Ithaca Farmer's market every Saturday from here on out!

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