Sunday, April 3, 2011

Starting off with a BANG!!!

Saturday was the beginning of our outdoor market season. We were at Ithaca market and went being unsure of how it was going to be considering it wasn't warm, it was a little breezy and the forecast said  it was going to be cloudy.

We got there set up and it looked like there were quite a few people coming in. It started a little slow but it's from 9-3 so we knew that there was a lot more time!

It ended up that we sold through 14 rabbit, 10 chicken, chicken hearts and livers, rabbit hearts and livers by NOON~!

We also had brought 33 dozen eggs and expected to go home with some. But we didn't!

We were out of everything except for herbs and sprouts by 1:30....making for a very awesome day! The best market we have had since we began in Ithaca in 2008! It made it a great day even with standing in the cold wind with a toddler who made us walk 6 miles between the 2 of us because he didn't want to stay in the booth! ;)

Now if the season follows in this pattern and increases, we will be ecstatic!

Thank you to all the customers who came out and braved the wind to enjoy fresh meats and produce!

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