Friday, April 1, 2011


Ithaca Farmer's Market

Being that we start the outdoor market season in Ithaca Tomorrow, I found it only fitting that we do today's post on the history of Ithaca Market and how we decided to sell there.

Ithaca Market first began in 1973 and was located in a space near Agway. They then moved near the hangar theater, Ithaca west end, Ithaca commons and then again to Dewitt Park.  In 1988 it found the site it is at now and began to build the pavilion that is currently there. 

All of the market was built, groomed and planted by Ithaca Market volunteers. It has become a place of diversity and tourism. With the dock being there it gives a chance for  boat tours on the lake. It offers a beautiful picnic spot and outdoor gathering for families. Music can be heard on Saturdays when local artists come to play.

You can find all kinds of vendors in their specialties. All the produce, cheese, wine, fruits and meat come from within a 30 mile radius of the market. Making it a very local market! From wine, cheese and breads to produce, fruit and herbs. Beef, buffalo, chicken, rabbit and pork. You can also get something to eat with the many different cultures of food vendors. Gyros, chinese, cambodian and burritos! Crafts: necklaces, pictures, woodworking, and hammocks! There is something for everyone, this is just a small list!

Visit Ithaca Farmers market website for a complete list of vendors and their specialties. 

Now how did we decide to start at Ithaca market? We started Ithaca market in 2008 and have been going ever since. We started as a EZ entry vendor and then became a full member in 2009. We just got our own booth last year. We are booth #75. We will always be in that booth when you come to the market. We did mostly Saturday's last year and plan to do Saturday's and Sunday's this year as long as we have the product!

We hope that you will come experience the ambiance of the Ithaca Market. It is definitely a market worth visiting. 

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