Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Weekend!

The wind was whipping, the rain was blowing in on me, and I was freezing. Yes, those were the conditions at Ithaca Farmer's Market this Saturday. It was supposed to be my day away from the kid's to get a mommy break, which I was at least hoping it would be nice out! Either way, it was nice to have a little break as any mom knows that is just what you need sometimes.

At Ithaca Market on Saturdays they generally always have a musician come and play for tips and things. Sometimes they sound great, others sound ok, and then some sound down right awful and you'd rather jump in the lake then listen to them! I know that is horrible to say but that is the truth!

However, this weekend they had a group of Cornell College students that came and did some Japanese Drumming. I have never heard of Japanese drumming before so I was very intrigued. They were putting on a little show to showcase their big performance on April 22 at Bailey Hall which half of their proceeds from that concert are going to help with the Japanese relief fund! They call themselves Yamatai, check out their website so you can see what I am talking about! Check out their media section. It was is very interesting and one I wouldn't mind seeing again!

While typing this I realized that last week I forgot to do a Thursday trivia and Fact filled Friday! Shame on me! Sorry guys! I did however this weekend revamp the Cross Creek Farm website!

There is a lot supposed to be going on at the farm, but this rain and whatever this spring is throwing at us this year is not helping! One day it is warm the next it is cold. Yesterday it was hailing, snowing, raining and wind was whipping all at once. Miserable, miserable day! The kids have been a little sick so unfourtunately I have not been helping too much in the greenhouse. We are also running out of space in our heated section! Which means that these warmer temperatures have to get here NOW!  I am very anxious to get into the flower beds...which yes I probably already should have done,  but the stuff in the greenhouse is a little more important than my flower beds!

Well let's see how this week pans out...the weather is supposed to be up and down all week, but I swear the weatherman is throwing a dart at a board and whatever weather icon it lands on that is what we are getting!

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