Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope you had a Happy Easter! It was nice out for a little while.

We spent time in the greenhouse the first half of the morning transplanting. We have so much to do we had to take advantage of the nice weather.  We will be posting pictures of all the plants on Wednesday.

We are getting very excited and took some Cilantro and Dill plants to Ithaca Market on Saturday. You can plant Cilantro and Dill now, you just have to make sure that you cover it at night especially if it is going to go below freezing. Hopefully we will be done with that, but unfourtunately I do not think so.

We are in desperate need of egg cartons. If you have any that you want to get rid of please bring them to us at market. We would greatly appreciate it! The chickens have been laying like crazy! We are getting right around 30 dozen eggs a week! Sometimes more, sometimes less!

We have Ithaca Market on Saturday and Sunday this week and from here on out! So if you can't make it Saturday....remember we will be there Sunday!

Otsiningo  Market starts on May 14th! Make sure you come see what new vendors we have this year!

Things are picking both days every weekend! Fresh seasonal produce, herbs, plants, and meats will be available at the farmer's markets.

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