Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Here?

So with this busy time of year, every child that's family celebrates Christmas becomes to learn about Santa. This year Eric Jr finally started to kind of understand what/who Santa was. It started off with some cartoons, but he really didn't get it then. Then our very first indoor market at the Metrocenter he saw Santa. He told him that he wanted "Buzz and Woody" (Toy Story).

The next market we had, there was another Santa. On our way to market we were telling him that Santa was going to be there. He just kept repeating "Baby Reindeer?" We told him that we didn't think so but maybe. When he saw Santa we asked if he wanted to go over to say hi and he said, "No, Baby Reindeer." Santa was great and told him that they were on the roof! He was finally ok with it and let it go. Or so we thought.

I guess we need to start raising Baby Reindeer?!

The Flight Before Christmas movie.
This is where Eric Jr gets the"Baby Reindeer" from.
Since then we have ad many conversations about Santa. Anytime he gets tired and doesn't want to go to sleep he starts crying for Santa. We proceed to tell him that it is only a few days away but he has to be a good boy! He still doesn't quite get it.

My brother talked to him on the phone the other day and he asked him what he asked Santa for for Christmas. he proceeded, "Pirates (?), Raaahhhh Dinosaurs (?), and a few others. None of which included Buzz and Woody. It was cute. My brother said, "Santa must think you are special," Eric Jr replied with "YUP." Too Cute.

Now, everytime he hears a car go by, a noise outside or he wakes up from a nap, or sleeping he starts off "Santa here?"

This is our first child so we are experiencing the joy of Santa through our children for the first time. It is very delightful, sometimes a little rough trying to keep coming up with ways to tell him that he was not here yet. One that has seemed to be working is that Santa is still making the toys. Eric Jr then replies with "Buzz and Woody!"

I will have to say that I am very excited to see his face on Christmas morning.

We have baked cookies together, read books and watched movies about Christmas. He is super excited as are we. I hope to start some great family traditions related to the holiday.

As far as the farm goes, we have no snow. Which is good and bad. I want snow so Eric Jr can play in it. But we don't want snow because the warmer weather is a little more enjoyable. Eric worked outside all day yesterday cleaning the barn. Cleaning around the field and farm to get stuff put away that we normally don't get a chance to put away.

Butters are still going full force. I am getting 2 bushels of pears in the crocks to make pear butter and I have 2 bushels of Apples waiting for me to peel and core them. The pears are starting to wind down so I am trying to get enough stockpiled and made that we will still have the pear butter for awhile. But with the holiday buying of butters for Christmas gifts has made it hard to keep up!

I have always loved the giving homemade or specialty gifts for Christmas instead of your store bought items. Especially for adults that really have everything that they need.

I have to get back to peeling pears (ugghh), but I want to wish you all a happy Holiday and hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.

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