Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dark Days Challenge- Week 1- Dec.4-Dec11.

Going into this week trying to plan out what I was going to have was very exciting. I kept thinking of different things that I could make. 

As it got closer however, I seemed to have had to rush things together. We have been very busy lately making holiday wreaths, butters and jams to sell at our big event this weekend that I had almost forgot.

This week I decided that I would make 

"Garlic Rosemary chicken with Maple baked Butternut squash."

I did not get to take a picture which made me a little upset because I really wanted this post to be perfect.

But this is what I did and the ingredients.

Whole range Cornish Cross Chicken (Cross Creek Farm - ours)
Chopped Garlic cloves (Cross Creek Farm- ours)
Rosemary Garlic powder seasoning (Cross Creek Farm - ours)
Butternut Squash (Stoughton's Farm- Newark Valley)
Maple Syrup (Sugarbush Run - Newark Valley)

I first chopped the garlic and put it inside the Chicken. I then rubbed the Rosemary Garlic seasoning all over the outside of the chicken. I added a little water to the roasting pan just to add a little extra moisture. Covered it tightly with tin foil and cooked it in the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 375 degrees. I then took the foil off and let the skin crisp up for 15 minutes more.

With the butternut squash, I cut it in half, dug out the seeds, laid it in a baking pan and filled the part where the seeds were with Sugarbush Run maple syrup. I then rubbed the maple syrup over the rest of the squash. Added a little water to the pan and covered tightly with Tin foil. I baked it the same amount of time and temperature as the Chicken.

I then scooped all the squash out of it and mashed it with a potato masher.Add a little extra Maple syrup and dished it up.

Eric Jr loved it!

I will have to say that this task was a little harder than I thought it would be. I caught myself a few times grabbing the salt and some other things. I did however find a place where I can get salt from and it will be within the same state. Not as local as I preferred but it may work. 

I plan on doing something better next week. Stay tuned to find out! 

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