Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roberson Museum- Home for the Holidays!

When I was in grade school, I remember going to Roberson Museum for their Christmas display. I remember being in awe of the many different trees, the country trees, and the whimsical trees that I would never think of. I have wanted to take the kids there so they can enjoy it just as I did.

When we were approached to do a local event at Roberson, I jumped on it. I knew that Roberson was a very busy place and in knowing that was hoping and thinking it would be a great event.

It wasn't as great as I had hoped, but it was nice to see the people that did come to support us and even if they didn't come specifically for us they enjoyed the fact that they could buy some local gifts for their loved ones.

I will have to say that my display was GORGEOUS!

This was one of our last events before Christmas. We will be at the Metrocenter in Binghamton on Saturday December17th from 9am-Noon. Make sure if you want to get some last minute gifts, you stop by.

I have made some gift baskets and we will be bringing the last of the Christmas wreaths and poinsettias for those of you that have not yet decorated for Christmas.

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  1. It was great finally meeting you, neighbor! West Creek Family Farm - stop over some day!