Monday, December 5, 2011

Dark Days Challenge

As a farmer and producer, I always like to encourage people to buy local.  The best way to help our economy and country is to keep the money local.

I found this blog that started a challenge to create 1 meal a week using all local food. Thanks to Niechelle Wade at Sunny Hill Farm. I signed up.

With our local farmer's market being open during the winter I am hoping this will be a little bit easy.


I did not get to do a meal this week, but I have it all planned out for this coming week. I will be doing my first Dark Days Challenge post this week.

Local food to me means that I will be making a meal using food and spices bought at my local farmer's market Otsiningo Winter Farmer's Market, grown by me or if I have to buy something I will make it something bought within a 100 mile radius. I will be posting in each blog entry where the product is coming from. I will also try to link to the producer's websites so that anyone around our area will be able to find local products.

I encourage you to do this as well. Whether you have a blog or not. Or just want to challenge yourself....this is a great way to buy local and support your local farmers who at this time of year in our area is a little challenging due to weather conditions.

But never the less we all need each others support! I hope to inspire you as some of the blog entries that I have read from the past challenges have inspired me!

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