Monday, October 3, 2011

Sneak Peak

This week is going to be crazy!!!!!!!

Yesterday we had breakfast, the same breakfast we will be serving to you for the Cross Creek Farm Fall Festival Farmer's breakfast. It was amazingly delicious. Dad has made it for Eric and Mom before but I have never had it. So naturally, I had to try it before we started selling it! (Good excuse for someone to make me breakfast huh....hehehe)

After that we walked through where we were going to be putting everything. The activities, vendors, parking, hayride, seating, food and more. We are not sure yet who all is coming for vendors yet, but we do know for a fact that we will have Full Quiver Farm (who we will be getting our biscuits from) and Aleatory Alpacas. They will both be there Sunday. We have a few more interested just waiting to confirm. Lots of variety equals lots of fun for you!

We of course made our EXTREMELY large shopping list. And our EXTREMELY long "to do list." We all took a look at that and I think you could have heard a pin drop! None of us knew what to say so we just laughed and someone said "who's idea was this to do this in 3 weeks!"

So after all that, I came home and finished canning my Blueberry Butter and started another batch. Then I went to base paint the signs. We have a lot of directional signs and stuff to paint. Eric was moving some wood and stuff that we had to get out of the way of parking and hayrides.

Today we are planning on moving the tents a little and starting to decorate! The best part! We are going shopping later today to get 90% of the stuff for the festival. I told Eric we are going to have to take the trailer!

Thomas the train, Elmo, Hello Kitty
Dora, and 'Mater
Instead of just doing breakfast, we decided to do hamburgers and hotdogs throughout the day as well. We will have Coffee, hot apple cider, water, juice boxes, and soda.

Last night after the kids went to sleep, Eric was stripping Stevia and I finished some of the painted pumpkins that I did. Just for a small preview I made sure I took a picture so that I could show you. Elmo, Hello Kitty and Dora came out pretty good. I didn't finish Thomas the train because the base paint was still wet. And I tried my hand at 'Mater, and well, I will just let you be the judge. He looks a little messed up.

Eric Stripping Stevia.
As things progress, I will be taking sneak peak pictures to show some things that we will have here! Right now I am off to do chores and set up the stand for this morning.

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