Thursday, October 20, 2011

Down To Earth Whole Foods

Excitedly we just took a large quantity of herb shakers to Down to Earth Whole Foods in Endicott. Make sure you go check them out. It is awesome to have a local grocery store support local farms. It shows that the community is there to support each other!

We used to do market with them when we did the downtown Binghamton market. I remember watching her come with the kids and being amazed! They are such hard working people and super nice too! They made these amazing cookies that of course we could not resist!

I love these cookies!!!
Chocolate Chip

Well it all came flashing back today when we dropped the herbs off. There it was, the cookie rack! I could not resist. Of course Eric Sr got one too. And I will have to say that they are even better than they were back then!  Of course it was 11 in the morning so I felt kind of guilty eating a cookie at that time but Eric reminded me that there is a lot of healthy stuff in those cookies! Ok twist my arm! : )

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