Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frost!!!! Festival Set-up!

We woke up this morning and went to start some coffee. We then looked out the window and "Oh my god!"  We got a HARD frost. When we went out to get in the car, I opened the door and you could see the "ice" crack. It was crazy.  

We got over that ..... and the day began! I managed to get most of the decorating done at the stand and for the festival. We organized some more stuff in the field. 

We also took the time to take a HAYRIDE. The same hayride we will be giving on Sunday and Monday. We were trying to time it to see how long it was. We also wanted to take a few pictures to give you a sneak peak as to what the view is going to be! It is beautiful. So I hope these picture entice you to come ride!

Oh yeah, I couldn't resist a few pictures of the kids on the hayride! Eric refused to get off and got mad when we took the hay bale that grandpa was sitting on off the wagon. He kept saying "Hayride" over and over again! Julianna just kept screeching at her brother! We have nicknamed her the "Screech owl." She is cute!

Tomorrow....We have to get ready for market. Which means a trip to Cornell Orchards. We will be picking up fruit for Saturday's market and also for the festival. So we will be taking the trailer! That is a WHOLE LOT of fruit! 

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful! Make sure you come to the 1st Annual Cross Creek Fall Festival. We have bigger and better plans for next year. We just need to make sure that we will have the turn out we need! 

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