Friday, October 21, 2011

Cornell Orchards wants us to do what??!!!

I have been waiting anxiously to be able to tell you guys about this! It is so exciting for us!

As many of you know, at our Fall Festival I brought out my Apple Butter and Blueberry Butter. The Cornell Orchard Store Manager (Kristina) came to the festival! She is new this year to the store and I think is making things even better at the Orchards. She is a younger woman bringing in fresh ideas!

From Left to right top to bottom:
Berry Cherry Butter, Apple Butter, Blueberry Butter
Pear Butter and Cherry Butter
So while she was at the Festival she purchased my Blueberry Butter. We had talked before about how she makes Plum butter. She is from Germany and only uses spices that she has her mother send from Germany. I wish I could try her's! (hint, hint Kristina if you are reading this!)

So when we received an email last week from her I became a little nervous and excited all at the same time. In her email she stated that Cornell Orchards wanted to ask if I would be willing to make Apple Butter for them. It would have their name on it, but say "Made by Cross Creek Farm."  She also added that she did not want me to feel obligated to say yes.

"Are you kidding me, YES!!!"  Cornell Orchards has how many people going through it. Cornell University's students are just a few, then their parents, locals, .....Yes, Yes, Yes.

So then we had a meeting to sit down and talk today. I went in wondering how many apple they were going to want me to make. So as we were talking we got talking about the other flavors that I have been playing around with. Which led into us making Pear butter for them as well. I will be making Peach butter during the peach season as well! And of course when Blueberries come into season I will be making that as well!

We were extremely excited to get our herb shakers in there, and now our butters! We had talked before about how we were always looking for income during the winter for the farm besides just the every other weekend farmer's market. And that is why Kristina thought of us!

Thank you Kristina and Thank you Cornell Orchards!

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