Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Fruit is coming in!

This week at market, we had a wide spread of fruit. Cornell has had overwhelming fruit coming in. We had seedless grapes, peaches, prune plums, red and green pears, Gala apples, Sansa apples, Ginger gold apples and we know there is more coming this week!

We dropped off our first order of Cross Creek Herb shakers to Cornell Orchards. We have a wide variety of herbs there. This gives you the opportunity to not have to wait for market to be able to buy them. anytime you would like to buy them you can go to Cornell Orchards and pick them up!

We just ordered what will probably be our last batch of meat birds for the season. We ordered 150 of our normal Cornish Cross chickens and 150 of Cornish hens. We decided we would try raising some of the Cornish hens. We have had numerous people interested in them. So we figured why not add more of a diversity to our farm! So that means that the Cornish hens should be ready in October and the bigger ones should be ready by November. Just in time for our winter markets!

We will still be at Otsiningo Farmer's Market through the end of October. We are hoping to start indoor markets at that point and go from November straight through until markets start in the spring! Ithaca market runs through December! So don't forget us, keep coming to the markets and buying local. Just because fall and winter are approaching doesn't mean that you can't have local produce, meat, eggs and specialty goods.

We also will have apples for winter market. We have talked to Cornell and they are excited to supply us with apples throughout the season. Last year we didn't get our apples from them through the winter we tried buying a bin from someone else and keeping it and it didn't work out so well. So this year we have decided to get them from Cornell.

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