Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farmer's helping each other out.

We were just told recently that the Downtown Binghamton Farmer's market is extending an invitation out to all farmer's who markets were affected by the flood and they aren't able to go to come to Downtown Binghamton's Market. This is a thoughtful gesture. Many farms were not just affected by the flood on their own farm limiting what they have to sell but the market that they normally sold at has been cancelled until further notice or shut down all together for the season.

I know for us we did not get flooded on the farm, but we did not have Otsiningo Market last weekend and we are not sure if we will be having it this weekend. As farmers that is basically our only source of income is markets. Lucky for us we go to Ithaca Market which was not affected by the flood that much. I cannot even imagine the farmers that have lost their markets and have no where to sell their product. That is if they still have product to sell and didn't loose everything in the flood.

Updates are coming in slowly and we should know by Thursday whether we will have Otsiningo Market or not this weekend. As soon as we receive news on it I will post it here and our facebook page as soon as possible. And unfourtunately we do not have much to sell here at the stand at the house. A lot of our tomatoes were split and ruined by the rain. We have quite a few green ones still that we are waiting to turn red. We have salvaged some second tomatoes as well. And we will always be able to get some fruit from Cornell so if anyone is interested in second tomatoes or fruit from Cornell and would like to place an order we will gladly see what we can do. We also still have lots of eggs. Being that we didn't have market last weekend we have quite a few. If you are in the need for eggs please don't hesitate to stop or call the house to get some. You can email me as well.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you are recovering well. If anyone needs some help please let us know.

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