Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Otsiningo Park Farmer's Market- Eric Sr and Julianna

Alyssa (Eric Jr's sitter while we are at market) and Eric Jr playing soccer with a really small ball. But hey whatever keeps him occupied right?

Farmstand at the house. The shed/garage on the right is the building that we are completely remodeling and will end up being our Cross Creek farm store.

Julianna chillin' while I keep working on setting up and labeling.

Dried herb shakers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Free Range Brown Eggs

Veggie 6-packs, more on there way down tomorrow!

Lily of the valley that we have for sale.

Our fruit trees are the ones with the fencing around them. The others are apple trees. This is next to the stand and eventually will be made into a nice little picnic area.

Of course...this is how you know who we are!

Eric Jr, Julianna and I playing in the van at the farmstand.

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