Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I did not post last Wednesday so I am putting a lot of pictures into this post. These pictures are all from last week when I was planning on putting them up! I hope you enjoy! Things are growing great!
Got Eggs?

Egg dryer...yeah we need to get an egg washer at some point! Oh wait, that's me!

Rabbit cages are here!!!! Or at least the first set!

Lemon Balm and Sage in the back right corner of the picture.

Making space in the greenhouse has forced us to put stuff on pallets on the floor of the greenhouse!


Our ever so popular Dwarf Sunflowers! Once they bloom you can't help but smile!



The very first bloom on one of the Marigolds.

"The water boy!"...hehehe

Look the Easter eggs hatched! hehehe... These are the meat birds in our outdoor brooder.

Too cute!

Booth # 75 Ithaca Farmer's Market! Yup that's us come check it out!

Julianna hanging out with me on Mother's day at Ithaca Farmer's Market. This was about the only moment she was not screaming!

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