Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mother nature needs to take some Midol!

I hope all survived through the nasty storms that went through. We had some flooding, more like flash flooding where everything was just running down the road, hills and creeks. The side of our road next to the field got eroaded away to the point where you can see the paper underlayment. The field had quite a bit of water running through it. Over the plastic mulch Eric just got laid and our broccoli plants. Our cilantro, dill ,spinach and peas had water over them as well. The garage at my in-laws was flooded. Their driveway and culverts were overflowing! But as fast as it came it was gone!

The field is still really wet. We are having a very hard time getting things done in the field and plants in the ground. Just as many farmers in the area are complaining of.

This past week we were working really hard to get the farmstand ready and opened. There are still improvements to be done and it will be a long time until it is perfect. But it is great as it is. We have many great ideas as to what to do. We want to make this a destination to come to. We want to be able to offer great views, trails, animal petting, nature walks and kids activities. This will come in the future. Right now we are focusing on building up our stock of the things that are selling like "hot cakes" for us.

The Farmstand is now open from 9am -7 pm Sunday through Friday. We are CLOSED on Saturday due to us being at double market (Ithaca and Otsiningo park Farmer's Market). It is a great scenic drive, take in the sights and come see the farm.

This week we are having our 1st Annual Memorial Day Plant Sale. Buy 1 Get 1 50 % off! We plan on making this a yearly event and hope that you will come take advantage of it. This sale only goes until Thursday! Plants are going fast, so you may want to come sooner rather than later to get the plants you want!

It was great to see the people that came out. It was also great to know...that even though I do not get many responses to my blog posts, I know you all are listening, well reading you know what I mean! Thank you very much for coming out. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And as always if there are any questions about products, please feel free to email us or send a message on Facebook.

As far as the week ahead...obviously with the Sale going on I will be busy at the farmstand. We are hoping that Eric will be able to get the field going. If this rain could stop!

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