Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Plan

I know today is supposed to be "Tasty Tuesday," but I did not get a chance to post yesterday because of craziness here. So I am taking today to tell you about some upcoming happenings.

This weekend was an "ok" market weekend. For all of those interested in the rabbit we only sold a total  of 3 this weekend. We had quite a few left. We are hoping that it was because it was graduation weekend in Ithaca. While at market we did not see a lot of you (our regular customers). So we were thinking you decided to stay home. At least that is what we are hoping for.  So needless to say we still have some rabbit meat left if you didn't get yours and would like to come to the farm to get it, just shoot us an email or call and we will set up a time for you to pick it up. Or we will be at market again this weekend.
Sunday was our opening of our Farmstand at the farm. I went to Ithaca market while Eric, Sandy, Bela and Eric Jr set up the stand. Thanks to a few of you who came out to get your plants. The stand is still a work in progress. I was going to take a picture to put in this post, but being so busy yesterday I forgot and I decided I will just put it in the "Wordless Wednesday" post this week. But that being said we have 2 tents set up on the side of the road with plants under and around it. Eventually what we are planning on doing is converting (rebuilding) the shed/garage next to it and making that into a store. We will eventually be selling other homemade products as well not just produce, plants, eggs, and meat. Bela has talked about some woodworking and other things. I am planning on selling some crocheted stuff, and essential oils, herbal salves and things of that nature when we get to that point.

But for now the stand is there. We will be open from 9 am- 7 pm everyday. Also we are going to be having a huge plant sale on MEMORIAL DAY! Make sure to keep checking back here and our Facebook page for the chance to get some special coupons and discounts for the stand and the memorial day plant sale.

In other news, the field started to dry out a little...Eric got 2 rows of plastic layed and now it is soaked again. We are hoping it dries out again here soon. We are getting behind and nervous because we can't get our plants in the field! The baby chicks are going to be going out on pasture this week! I will post pictures of that when we get them too. The pictures may not be up until next "Wordless Wednesday" but I will get them on here eventually.

We are headed into the greenhouse today to get everything transplanted and ready for the sale. That is a lot to do so I better get off of here and do it. I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you decide to come out for our plant sale. If not for the sale come out to see the farm, and buy a plant or some eggs while your here!

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