Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy days are back again!

We started Otsiningo Farmer's Market this weekend. Besides the rain it was a great day! Of course I forgot my camera. It did not rain at all on Saturday up at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. We had a great day there as well. Of course on Sunday it rained at Ithaca, but it was still an ok day.

I have a lot of people at market (especially Ithaca) asking how come whenever they come to get rabbit we are out. This is my answer... We are in the process of trying to expand, our demand is more than our supply right now. As of right now we have 19 Does that are of breeding age and we have 5 more females that are close to breeding age that are going in their seperate cages hopefully this week. We are planning on adding more throughout the season. Again I am truely sorry for us not having it when you arrive. We should have a few coming to market every week, but my only suggestion is if you want one you need to get there early and probably on Saturday. Because 90% of the time we sell out on Saturday and I may not have some on Sunday. We are hoping this is not the case for long, but please be patient with us at this time. Thank you so very much.

Otsiningo Marketers- We are going to make sure we have a few rabbit every market so that you guys still can get some. But once again, if you want some you really need to get there early. Until our supply is up, we will be selling out of rabbit early.

I know this is kind of a repeat post, but I still have people asking and upset. I know they are probably not people that follow this blog, but I have directed most of them to this. So hopefully they see it.

The baby chickens are going to be going out this week. They are big enough to come out of the brooder box now. I will take pictures to share with you when we do it. They will have a big area to roam.

I would also like to remind you that our farmstand is opening on May 22nd. It makes for a nice drive out here. It is beautiful hillside.

Just a hint, you may want to keep checking back because we have some specials going to be posting for our opening of the farmstand.

As far as produce, I don't believe I posted it when we did it, but the broccoli finally made it into the field! Our Rhubarb is doing great and we may have some this weekend at Otsiningo Market! We are getting some beans in the ground this week and my herb garden has been planted.

We also are planting rows of herbs in the field sometime within the next couple weeks. This way we can keep up with the dried herbs as well. I know that is another thing that people have been asking about. We are trying to keep up with that as well. I would like to be able to have it at both markets on Saturday but we don't have enough. So our solution to that for now is to take it to Otsiningo Farmer's Market on Saturday and to Ithaca Farmer's market on Sunday.

Once again we thank you for being patient. If you want to pre-order certain things we can do that for you. That way you are certain you will get it. Please email us at

Also for more information and (specials- hint, hint) visit our website and facebook page every so often!

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