Friday, May 6, 2011


I know some of you have been wondering about Otsiningo Market. We will be starting that on May 14th. We can't wait. I believe there are a few new vendors definitely worth checking out. And of course 90% of your favorites will be there again this year! There are quite a few new additions to some of what the vendors will be selling. Everyone is trying to provide the best range possible so we can bring you customers the products you deserve.

As far as our farm goes... We are running a little short on rabbit meat (yes, already). We have numerous coming up but we flew through 50 within 1 1/2 months. Not something that we expected! It is great for us, but not so good for you. We are hoping to have a bunch starting in June. Right now we have 8-12 that are going to be butchered in the next few weeks.   So I am sorry to say that once again we will not have rabbit for Otsiningo Market until June.

Free range Chicken... We also did not expect to do as well as we did with these! Once again, great for us, not so good for you. We will have these by June (end of June?)! We will be bumping up production on numerous things this year that worked well for us, but unfourtunately it will take a little bit.

Dried Herb shakers... I am getting those out as fast as I can. We are starting to run very low on these. We have managed to go through the winter stock that I actually did not think we would. We have numerous large plants that we are keeping in the greenhouse so we can get them to grow faster and produce more for us. I have already dried and packaged 3 cuttings of mint and catnip. We have a lot of rosemary that I need to get ground up and packaged, which I plan on doing before market next week.

Free range brown eggs... We have a ton!!!! We will have eggs at both Ithaca Market and Otsiningo!

Also new to mention. We will be opening our farmstand on April 22nd! Come check it out! We will have all of our products available to you there! It would make a nice little Sunday drive!

Hope to see you soon! Feel free to email or send comments on facebook if you have any questions!

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