Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newark Valley Farmer's Market- update

We have had a huge response from potential customers and vendors for the Newark Valley Farmer's Market. All in all a lot of local people are excited to be able to go to a farmer's market that is close to home and has fresh products.

I have talked to a few local groups and organizations and told them that we would encourage them to have some fund raising events to co-inside with the markets. Anything from baked sales, performances, registrations....and more.

There will be no charge to your group or organization.

We have full use of the pavilion and electric is provided if needed.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting some sort of fundraiser, please make sure you contact us. We will have to schedule these events so we don't have conflicts and not enough room. Either call 607-657-8251 or email us.

We are also still looking for demonstrations. We want to have some "How-to" demonstrations and events. This was thought of to help provide knowledge to the community on specific topics. Canning, spinning, weaving, quilting, .....and more.

There will be no charge to you.

If you are interested in this as well please make sure to contact us. This will also have to be scheduled.

We are scheduling all of this also so that we can advertise it as well.

We are still looking for some vendors....mainly artisan and craft vendors.

We are still searching for another produce vendor. If anyone is interested please contact us ASAP!

Please make sure if you are interested to contact us ASAP. There is going to be a vendor meeting on February 24th from 5-6 pm at Cardinal Cafe in Newark Valley.

I will tell you we have already filled some spots.

ProduceWest Creek Family Farm- (We have another farm interested but have not received confirmation)
FruitCross Creek Farm
Goat Milk Soap- West Creek Family Farm
Fiber Products-West Creek Family Farm
Baked goods- Boer Bakery (Endicott NY)
Goat Meat- Boer Bakery (Endicott NY)
Chicken Meat- Cross Creek Farm
Turkey- Cross Creek Farm
Rabbit Meat- Cross Creek Farm
Fruit Butters- Cross Creek Farm
Herbs (Plants and dried)- Cross Creek Farm
Food/Beverage- Cardinal Cafe

We have some potential vendors that have not yet fully committed. If they all commit there will be some great variety of products there!

Please spread the word! Can't wait to start the season!

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