Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"CA" Apples from Cornell Orchards

This is the very first year that we have been allowed to have the "CA" apples. We have always wanted to try them but have not had the opportunity until now!

What is a "CA" Apple?

"CA" stands for Controlled Atmosphere. Controlled Atmosphere is a technology developed at Cornell Orchards.

They take choice fruit selected at harvest, in a sealed room for a period of 90 days.Nitrogen is used to bring the oxygen level down from the 21% that we breathe to around 2.5% with carbon dioxide from fruit respiration allowed to accumulate to around 2%.

This slows fruit aging and preserves fruit firmness, acidity, sugars and Vitamin C.

The fruit with the "CA" label has higher nutritional and sensory quality than the regular cold-stored fruit of the same age.

*This information was taken from Cornell Orchards pamphlet on CA Fruit.


When we read that, we thought it was extremely interesting.

Now most of you know that I cannot stand soft apples or soft any type of fruit for all that matters. So when Eric took a bite and I heard the nice crisp noise I was immediately excited to taste it.

My first bite was astonishing. Now we all know that the longer a fruit is stored the softer it tends to get and the taste tends to disintegrate.

This apple was extremely juicy, crisp, and the taste was unbelievable!!! It was a Jona gold.

I am extremely excited to announce that we will have them at market for the rest of the season. They have numerous different varieties of apples that they put through the "CA" process.

Make sure you come down this Saturday to the Metrocenter in Binghamton from 9am-noon and pick some up. They tend to go fast so get there early.

Hope to see you there!

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