Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Corn And Raccoons

After I posted in the last post about us not having sweet corn soon. Friday we went to pick up our cherries from Iron Kettle Farm (we store stuff in their coolers), when we got there we saw they were selling sweet corn! We went to talk to Jen and she told us that she would find out if we could get some for Saturday's market. They told us it was early corn yet so it was still a little small but it was good. They said they could get 35 dozen for us. We jumped on the offer.

We took it to market on Saturday and sold out within the first 1 1/2 hours. We were supposed to set aside some for us to eat for dinner and for mom and dad to eat as well. After we were out we realized that we did not set any aside for ourselves or mom and dad. oops! Things were so hectic and crazy saturday.

To those of you loyal customers that came after 11, we are going to try to have more stuff so that you can get some. Sorry that we ran out so early.

For those of you that were around to know that Eric Jr got sick at market, he is doing well. Not sure if it was a virus or just heat exhaustion. He is fine now back to his normal self.

This is not our picture but aren't they cute!

We have a lovely family of raccoons that have made their home right outside of our egg layers chicken coop! The other night the dogs started barking and going crazy and I couldn't see anything out there but I heard these little cries. I thought it might have been a kitten or something outside. Eric went out and looked with the flashlight but found nothing.  Then last night as he was locking the chicken coop up, he saw 3 little baby raccoons (which were adorably cute) in the tree next to the coop. We had seen an adult across the street where our meat birds are, but we haven't seen that one since. But something has been getting into feeders and even in the greenhouse feed bins. They are going for the sunflower seeds.

We set up the live trap tonight to hopefully see if we could catch them and get them out of here. There is lots of State land surrounding us so hopefully if we can catch them we can release them somewhere where they won't come back!

We are nervous with them being around because our very first set of meat birds that we had, 2 raccoons claimed quite a few of our birds. We have the next set of meat birds that are still only 2-3 weeks old, we hope they do not find them and try to get to them. They have walked past them going into the greenhouse if they go in the front entrance. Luckily there are no signs of them trying to get to the little ones but we will not be safe until they are gone!

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