Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yes you read right. We will have Blueberries at Otsiningo Park Farmer's Market this Saturday! We talked to Terry from Cherry Knoll Farm which is where we get our Blueberries from and he told us we would be able to get some. We are confirming the amount today, and we will go pick them up tomorrow.

We just got back from Syracuse Regional Market where we picked up what will probably be our last batch of Cherries for the season. We will have them at market as well!

I would also like to let you know that we will not be at Ithaca Farmer's Market this weekend. We are still running a little low on meat, so we figured we would let Mom and Dad have the weekend off! : )  Which Dad is happy about because there is a Women's Soccer game on TV!

Yesterday we spent all day in the field. Which rarely ever happens because it is either too sunny and I don't want the kids out there all day or it is raining or the kids are just not cooperating! But yesterday everything seemed to line up to where Eric and I could both get work done in the field!

Of course we went through and had to water everything because mother nature ran out of rain because she used too much earlier in the season. But as I was going through watering I noticed that we have a TON of Tomatoes growing out there! Our Grape tomatoes look good and have a few tomatoes started on them. The Brandywine (heirloom) tomatoes look the best as of right now.

There is two things that 90% of the customers we have ask for during the summer:

1) When will we have Sweet Corn? We spoke with Iron Kettle Farm yesterday and that is who we have almost always got our corn from and they said another 2-3 weeks. Germination has been tough on Corn and there are a lot of farmer's having a tough time with it. We shall see how it progresses though.

2) When will we have tomatoes? Well generally we get some early tomatoes from Leola, PA. But Otsiningo Farmer's Market made the rule that any purchased fruit or vegetable can not be further than 100 miles away. So that ends that. We are still looking though.
But WE planted a TON of tomatoes so that we would have enough to take to Ithaca Farmer's Market and Otsiningo. Like I said we have a ton out there. The tomatoes are still a little small, but they're getting there! I can't wait to have a nice juicy tomato sandwich!

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