Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring is coming

This is the time of year when we get excited, anxious and busy! We take a look back at last season and try to figure out what we should do differently, keep the same and add to. We figure out the seed order, figure out what projects need to be started and finished before the season starts.

Eric is working on cleaning and sanitizing the greenhouse right now. Every year before we begin planting, we sanitize the greenhouse with a peroxide solution. It helps to keep bacteria from growing. We organize pots and soil. Get the germination boxes set up and ready for plants. 

Thankfully the forecast says it is going to be warming up, which means more time spent in the greenhouse, not freezing! I have wanted to go out and help Eric get things ready, but with the little ones, it is still too cold yet. But soon Hopefully. Eric Jr needs some outside farm time, he's starting to get cabin fever in here. Having a very active toddler who is used to being outside 90% of the time during the summer, cooped up inside for this long gets a little rough. Especially now that he is so mobile. So we can't wait for spring!

The seed order is going in tomorrow. We have pretty much planned everything that we are going to be growing this year. We are expanding our herb line again! We have 3 or 4 new herbs this year. We have had a huge hit with the dried spice shakers, so we are also expanding what we are growing on the farm and the fresh herb bunches that we will be bringing to market. Once again we will be going back to our original business plan of focusing more on the herbs. We have had a lot of requests for more of the Hungarian Hot Pepper Spice that we have. We will definitely be planting a lot more of that this year, so those of you that are out, don't worry we will have more!

If there is any herbs or spices that you would like that we don't have, let us know. We are always interested in new herbs and spices. Also if there is any recipes that you would like to share that have to do with Chicken, Rabbit, or using a particular herb or produce item, please do. My plan for this blog is to have something different everyday. Monday I haven't figured out yet. Tuesday is going to be Tasteful Tuesday and I will post a new recipe every Tuesday. Wednesday is going to be wordless Wednesday, where I will post a different picture every Wednesday of something on the farm. Thursday I haven't figured out yet. Friday is going to be Fact Filled Friday, I will pick one item that we sell and give you as many facts and information as I can come up with about that item. Saturday's and Sunday's I haven't figured out yet either. I may end up just posting random things on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Whatever is on my mind or going on that day. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, feel free to post them on here, email us, or post them on the Facebook page. Part of our goal this year is to get more involved with our customers and have you guys learn a little bit more about where our product comes from and what goes into it.

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