Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowy Sunday

Sorry that there was no post yesterday. We had an extreme wind/snow storm, which knocked the internet out. The wind was pretty damaging. It knocked down trees around the town and made quiet a few snow drifts on our road.

Today it is cold and snowy. A good day to sit inside with a hot cup of coffee and read a book. For us farmer's those books still tend to be business related, but hey were still reading something.

As of right now, I am reading a book on all the medicinal properties of herbs. There is a lot of interesting things that I never knew about herbs. This year we are going to be growing Calendula.

Calendula is also called Pot Marigold. It is native to south-central Europe and northern Africa. You only use the flower part when using it for medicinal purposes. There are many preparations made from Calendula. Tea (for gargle, mouthwash, or internal use), ointments, creams, spray, tinctures, and extracts. Calendula is used for mild burns, sunburns, mouth infections, sore throat, and wounds. Extracts may be beneficial in treating Duodenal ulcers.
*CAUTION: People allergic to the pollen of other members of the aster family, such as ragweed, may be allergic to Calendula.

I will be giving information on all the different herbs and their uses as the season goes on. We are expanding our herb production in hopes of the dried herb shakers and plants selling very well. We have some farm stores interested in selling our dried herb shakers and things of that nature. So we shall see what the season brings.

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