Monday, February 14, 2011



I am not sure if we are doing anything special for Valentines day yet or not. I don't believe we really thought about it too much. Like I said in the last post, things are starting to get pretty busy which means we don't really have much time to plan things. I thought about cooking something special but the search for a good recipe isn't going so well.

Eric is at work until Noon I believe and then he has a bunch of stuff he has to do, plus we have to get ready for market tomorrow on top of all the normal farm chores. So it may just end up being a night that we just cuddle on the couch. We shall see!

Hope you enjoy your valentines day with whomever you spend it with. There is always someone in this world that we love more than life itself and can share this day with. Just make sure you tell them exactly how you feel!

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