Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How we got started

First and foremost I should introduce us. I am Jessica. My husband is Eric and we have 2 children Eric Jr (20 months) and Julianna (3 weeks). My in-laws are Bela and Sandra. We love what we do. We love fresh produce and being able to supply people and ourselves with great products.

The farm was originally my husband's idea. He had worked with a neighbor of ours doing almost the same thing that we are doing except for we have a wider variety of things. He had talked about doing it for awhile and all of us were skeptical and nervous. As anyone is with starting a new business.  But after long talks and a little convincing we all jumped on the boat and started the farm in 2007.

Our original business plan was to focus on fresh herbs. We wanted to be able to sell them to Wegmans a local grocery store in our area. We unfortunately ran into some snags and have never managed to sell to Wegmans. Instead, we started going to farmer's markets. Mind you Eric was a sales man so for him it was not that big of a deal trying to sell our products to the people that came to the farmer's markets. I however, was not a sales person and the only experience I had dealing with most people was in a hospital setting. So this was extremely nerve racking at first. We attempted to do I believe 3 different markets that year. We had mainly herbs and flowers with minimal produce. As the season went on we all started looking forward to going to market. It was exciting. We met lots of new people, formed great friendships and relationships with our customers.

So we are still going. This is going on our 5th year and we are doing a lot more things. Besides the normal everyday produce (squash, tomatoes, beans, peppers), we sell rabbit meat, chicken fryers, eggs, dried herb shakers and our newest addition is sprouts. This year we will be attending 3 different markets. We will be at the Otsiningo Farmer's Market, Ithaca Farmer's Market and Lourdes Hospital Farmer's Market.  We are hoping for a great year.

Also this year we will be selling Easter bunnies. We are hoping to have 40-50 and it will be on a first come first serve basis. So get your orders in soon!

We have a website up and running.
We are also on Facebook and have deals that we post on there for a fans. We also keep that updated as to what is going on on the farm.

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