Monday, May 14, 2012

Newark Valley Farmers Market Opening Day this SUNDAY!

It has been awhile since I have updated you all on the Newark Valley Farmers Market. A lot has been going on that is extremely exciting for this small community.

We now have a total of 9 vendors:

                                                      Anura Liquid Soap- All natural handcrafted
  Liquid Soaps

Berkshire Hills Honey- Honey

Boer Bakery/Downward Slope Farm- Goat meat, baked goods, hot food (crepes, waffles and more).

Cross Creek Farm- Turkey, Chicken, Rabbit, dried herbs, herb bunches, herbal teas, fruit, eggs, fruit butters, bedding  plants and more...

Mcrey Farm- Grassfed beef, pork and lamb. Free range eggs.

Providence Farm- Heirloom produce, seed paper

West Creek Farm Family-Produce, fiber products, goat milk soaps and lotions. 

Woodland Cottage- Hand sewn items and bar soaps.

Stray Haven- Pet adoptions.

We also have applied and received the Fresh Connects Grant for the market. Part of the requirements for the grant were that we had to partner with a food pantry in our community as well as some local groups and organizations to work with. This was to help the community through the farmers market which in return helps the farmers and vendors by having exposure and awareness brought to the market and their own business. This also will bring people to the village and help to bring awareness to the other businesses right here in town that some may not have known about. Bringing people to a center locale to meet and get together brings the community closer together all around.

We were very excited to receive the grant. We partnered with the food pantries of Berkshire, Richford and Newark Vally to try to give some sort of donation every week of local fresh produce and goods. Being that we are a low income community and with the devastation that last years flood did to many in our area from Richford to Owego the food pantries were working hard to help support those in need. The community came together at that point to help each other. So it is only natural that our local farms can do some to support our local food pantries as well. Food pantries CAN use more than just shelf stable goods. They would love to hand out fresh produce and fresh goods to those who can't afford to buy them from the store.

We also partnered with Northern Tioga Neighbors Network which is a not-for- profit out of Richford that has volunteers that assist eldery, inbound and handicapped residents of Berkshire and Richford to doctors appointments, shopping and things of that nature. We spoke with them in regards to trying to start a program of them bringing residents to the market. With partnering with them we requested that part of our grant money be put towards gas money to help get them to the market. With gas prices as high as they are it is hard for people to sacrifice that money and Northern Tioga Neighbors Network has funding for this type of thing but not a lot. So we figured that if we could get some money for them that would assist the volunteers which would then assist more of the local community in getting to the market. They may or may not have enough volunteers, but they will try their best to make sure someone is available. Also if you would volunteer they would love more volunteers.

We also asked local groups and organizations to come in and do fund raising events for their organizations. We want to assist in bringing awareness to these groups as well.

Things are coming up so quick. We have been planning and organizing this for quite awhile now and it seems strange that it is so close. We are very excited and hope that you all are too.

We interviewed yesterday on the Village Green with YNN news about the market and the community.

You can view the video here:
The market will also feature live music from local musicians throughout the season. They will be playing in the pavilion and we will have some chairs set up on the lawn for you to sit relax and enjoy. Maybe get some food from Boer Bakery or a coffee or smoothie from Cardinal Cafe and sit and enjoy the music and time with friends!

This will be a destination and meeting place as well as a market. We hope you come and see us and enjoy what we have created as an event for this town!

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