Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I have had numerous people asking me if we will be having the Otsiningo Farmers Market and the Newark Valley Farmers Market this weekend because of Memorial Day Weekend.

YES!!!! We will be at both.

One way I described it to someone was this.

When you are asked to work on say Thanksgiving at your "normal" job, what do you do? You work because that is just part of the job description.

Well for us farmers that sell at markets for their income, generally those our only days we make a decent amount of money (unless of course you have a store at your farm and your not in the middle of nowhere like we are). Our paychecks come from those days at market. So we HAVE to be there.

We love it though. We love sharing our products for you to share and take back to your Memorial Day barbecue or whatever you have going on.

Last year we roasted Rabbit on the grill for Memorial Day! So delicious! Something different, something new to try. Or you can do a chicken or maybe Sausages or steaks from Mcrey Farm.

Whatever your choice, remember we will still be there. Stop down on your way to your event!

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