Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Fruit Butters Used as Baby Food?

Many people continuously are asking us,

"What do you do with Fruit butter?"

There are some many different answers to this question. There are so many different ways that we have had customers use it as well as our experimentation's that I could make a book out of it.

But one recent way to use it that was brought to our attention when I was asking customers, family and friends for ideas I thought was really neat.
Julianna eating a pear we use for the fruit butters
September 2011- 9 months old.

Our Sister-in-law told me that she fed it to our nephew  since he began eating solids. He loved it and it was basically like giving him the baby food you buy in the store except for the fact that she knew where it came from, knew who made it, no preservatives and she had the option of sugar free if she wanted.

Up until that moment I did not really think about it like that. I mean I had given it to Julianna when she first started eating solids, but that was because we made it and had it here. Never thinking that that might be a good way to use it.

I mentioned it to another one of our customers at one of the craft fairs that we did this winter and they bought a bunch of them and said that their baby loved it!

They chose to use our fruit butters for the fruit portion of their baby food. And they made the rest. That was awesome to hear!

Do you know anyone who has a baby that is interested in local, no preservative food for them? Mention our fruit butters, we have the sugar free varieties so you don't have to worry about the sugar content or additives. Our sugar free fruit butters are just fruit and spices.

My kids love them I am sure yours will too.

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  1. I never said I fed it to him as baby food. Noah actually didn't eat baby purees from the store. We almost skipped purees entirely with him (we took the BLW approach) and what little puree he did have I made myself. I said I used it for things like for spreading on toast that he ate... I think that was the example I used because that's his favorite way of eating it.