Thursday, January 17, 2013

Herb Week

During the summer we are continuously outside whether it be the greenhouse or in the field.When we aren't doing that we are in the kitchen working on fruit butters.  Sometimes the dried herbs take a back seat.

Bee Balm tea leaves and flowers picked last year
Well this week my main focus has been on the herbs and herbal teas. We have been stripping and processing herbs everyday getting them ready for packaging.

We went out to the greenhouse and harvested some rosemary, oregano, thyme and  peppermint that have managed to stay alive through this winter so far. We hung them and have started the drying process. It is so exciting to be able to harvest herbs even in the cold month of January.

This Saturday at Otsiningo Winter Farmers Market from 9 am - noon we will be have a health fair as well as the market. So we figured why not take this opportunity to debut our loose leaf teas. I have been working so hard to get all of this done.

Goldenrod flowers picked last year
We have had many requests since we started doing tea to include loose leaf teas. We have been debating it back and forth and trying to come up with great packaging and great product.

Well for this year we have limited quantities until we get going again in the spring. But we are excited to launch our new product. Currently they will be sold in 7.75 oz glass jars and our labeling may change but I think I have figured out the label.

There are probably some of you who don't understand what a loose leaf tea is so I have included some information in this post that I hope you find helpful.

What is a loose leaf tea?

Loose leaf tea is basically the whole leaf. It is buds, leaves, flowers, and other particles of your tea plant in a chunkier thicker form. You need a tea ball or tea infuser to put the tea in to steep it.

Tea bags tend to contain particles or "dust" of leaves, flowers and other parts of your plant.

Is there a difference in taste?

Loose leaf teas tend to have a stronger flavor but you have to let them steep a little longer.

Tea bags tend to have a quicker flavor but it is often mild compared to loose leaf tea.

Chamomile flower petals and lavender buds getting prepped for Chamomile/Lavender Tea

Basically when it comes down to it it is more of a personal preference.  If you don't have a tea ball and would like to try the loose leaf teas, you can also put them in a coffee filter to test it out.

We will be offering tea balls for sale in the near future if you do not have one already.

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