Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kristen Rice Photography

Cross Creek Farm 9 oz fruit butter collection
Picture taken by Kristen Rice Photography
As our business has progressed we are constantly getting questions on pictures of our product line. Pictures that we can send to businesses or that our distributors can hand out when they are meeting with potential buyers.

We are also getting ready to launch our online store on our brand new website and needed pictures for that.

Cross Creek Farm Cranberry Apple Butter 32 oz
Picture taken by Kristen Rice Photography
I kept trying to take them but my picture taking skills were showing! I had read that natural lighting was the best so I set up a little table outside of the kitchen and was sitting out there taking pictures for a few hours. Failing miserably.

Our road gets very little traffic and of course that day it seemed like everyone decided to drive down our road. Everytime they drove past I could see the looks on their face like, "what is this girl doing taking pictures outside it is freezing cold! "Is that a Lightning Mcqueen table!"

Cross Creek Farm Blueberry Apple Butter 32 oz
Picture taken by Kristen Rice Photography
Yes, Yes it was a Lightning Mcqueen (from the kids movie Cars) table. I had wooden fruit crates stacked up on it trying to give me a great background.

Well as I said it failed miserably! I was done. Could not take it anymore I had been trying for a few days and could not seem to get anything that we thought looked decent.

Cross Creek Farm Pear Butter 9 oz
Photo taken by Kristen Rice Photography
Thank god for Kristen Rice from Kristen Rice Photography. I have loved her photos and have wanted her to do our family photos just have not had the chance. I didn't know if she did product photos but I knew it was worth a try.

I contacted her and gave her the products and could not wait to get the pictures back. I was so excited.

When I received the photo album, I was even more excited. They were above and beyond what I expected. I was expecting great photos, but these were just gorgeous!

Head to her website or her Facebook page and check out her photos!

Amazing photography!

Cross Creek Farm Jalapeno Apple Butter 9 oz
Photo taken by Kristen Rice Photography

Cross Creek Farm fruit butter 32 oz jars
Photo taken by Kristen Rice Photography


  1. Very impressive, Jessica! Not only the quality of the photos, but your products! Are they going to be sold in the local stores?

  2. Yes they are already sold in some local stores. More towards Ithaca, but they are in Down To Earth Whole Foods (Endicott), The Kitchen Store (Appalachin), Shelley's Meat (Endwell) and we are going to be trying to push for some more down that way. We have a bunch of meetings at different places down in the Binghamton region I will let you know if there are more stores that we pick up closer to you!