Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Time

It's official. There are only 3 weeks until market season starts up again! Wow!

Our first outdoor market for Otsiningo Farmers Market is on May 5th! Mark your calenders

Newark Valley Farmers Market starts May 20th.
Vestal Farmers Market for Wednesdays starts May 30th I believe. 

We have not yet set a date for opening the stand at the house but we are tentatively going to say mother's day May 13th.

This time of year is always challenging for us. Too much to do and too little time to do it. The greenhouse is full force bursting at the seams with plants. At least our heated section. We still have some stuff to plant, lots to transplant and even more to do outside.

We already have cilantro and dill growing in the field. We were lucky enough to get it in the ground during that warm spell that we had. Our Sage and Lavender that was planted in the field last year is already starting to come back. Which means we will have herb bunches early this year!

Unfourtunately I was sick all week with this horrid cold that I just could not shake. The kids ended up getting it and therefore halted my efforts in the greenhouse. So this weekend will be catch up in there.

The ducks are ready for their new home outside. Eric is building their shelter today I believe. I can't wait to see them waddling around the farm.

Our rabbit sales for Easter went well. We are so thankful to those of you that purchased your Easter bunnies from us this year. Thankfully we still have some that will be ready in time for markets.

We are getting ready to start building our kitchen. Finalizing details and plans. This is a great exciting expansion to our farm. We have lots of plans for the kitchen besides just our fruit butters and jams. I am not going to release our ideas just yet but just know there are exciting things coming this season when the kitchen is finished!

A little update on the Newark Valley Farmers Market:

              We are very excited to announce that we have a great group of vendors. For our first year we are excited.
               Our vendors are:

                          Boer Bakery- Endicott- Breads, pastries, goat meat and prepared hot food.
                          Cross Creek Farm- Berkshire- free range chicken, brown eggs, rabbit meat,
                                                           turkey, fruits, vegetables, fruit butters and jams,
                                                           bedding plants, herb plants, dried herbs and herbal teas.
                           McRey Farm- Maine- Grassfed Beef, pork and lamb
                           Providence Farm- Berkshire- Heirloom vegetables
                           Stray Haven- Waverly- Animal adoption and awareness
                           West Creek Family Farm- Newark Valley- Fiber products, vegetables,
                                                           maple syrup and goat milk soaps and lotions.
                           Woodland Cottage- Newark Valley- Handcrafted soaps and custom sewing.

Opening day "Grassanova" will be playing. They play popular and acoustic bluegrass music. Great music for opening day at the market. We will have chairs set up for you to be able to sit and enjoy the music. So even if you just want to come to listen to the band please do so.

We have been working very hard on getting this market together. Our hopes are to make this a family event, meeting place and just overall great time for everyone involved.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped us a long the way to get things organized and supported our efforts. The Village of Newark Valley has been a great sponsor and we thank you for everything.

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