Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adventures in Duck

Our ducks have finally arrived!!!! They are so cute!

We were originally only going to get 6. We were getting 6 Rouen. When we realized that Rouen's are not that good for egg laying. So we decided to get Khaki Campbells as well.

Well then when they were supposed to ship them out, there weren't enough Rouens hatched at that time so it was delayed a week. They then called us yesterday to tell us that they only had 3 Rouens and that they needed to substitute with Khaki Campbells or they could do Pekins. So we decided to fill the rest of the Rouen order with Pekins.

We are very excited to start this adventure. We have done a lot of research. Eric Jr is so excited and wants to swim with them. He told me the next time that we go swimming we have to take the ducks! He is so funny sometimes!

We are hoping to sell the eggs and I would love to start hatching our own ducks as well at some point.
And yes....the Rouens and Pekins will be for meat, if that goes well....who knows, we may be selling duck at some point!

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