Thursday, April 26, 2012

Honey Bees

Eric has been wanting our own hives for a few years now. We have been looking into it and researching a little but had not yet got a hive.

We had a great guy come and talk to Eric at market about certain hives and he was going to build one for us. Then we received a message asking if Eric would be willing to help him get a hive out of a house in Lisle.

Eric was ecstatic! So he went with him and helped (learned) from him how to extract a hive from a house. They then brought them here with a hive.

Along with the hive and bees came two 5 gallon buckets full of the comb they removed from the home. It was awesome to see. So excited to have our own honey.

I then realized that we had to somehow get the honey out of the comb. Which I had no clue how to do. So I started "googling!"

We decided to do a method where you crush the comb and put it in a strainer and let the honey drip through the strainer. Slow, long process but we do not have the equipment for the other methods.

We are doing some more research and are planning on trying to learn how to use the wax as well.

Just another adventure to add to our ever growing farm!

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