Friday, March 9, 2012

Sun, Dirt and Fresh Air

I love this time of year. It is a time when all the spring time birds come back around, when the sun starts shining all around and when we can get the kids out of the house for longer periods of time!

Our house is very small and as Eric Jr gets bigger he is outgrowing our house. His energy is amazing, but being cooped up inside for winter tends to get him a little agitated, frustrated and just pure mad. He tries so hard to keep himself occupied and play (running from couch to kitchen, kitchen to couch) and he does a pretty good job. Now that Julianna is old enough to play they tend to chase each other a little and play together.

But this past week the sun was shining and that was our chance. Eric Jr was so excited to go outside he couldn't sit still enough for us to get pants on him or put his shoes on. We finally got everyone dressed and out to the greenhouse we went!

We started planting the flowers that we will be growing this season. The kids played in the dirt and mud and played hide and seek in between and around the tables. Laughing hysterically at times. They decided it would be fun to throw dirt all over each other and then Eric Jr shook his head and dirt was flying everywhere as Julianna was laughing so hard she fell over. It's moments like these that I love the most about Eric and I working from home and being able to enjoy the moments that are so great with our children.
"Mom, I found a Woolie Bear."

Playing hide and go seek
Searching for T-Rex

We also finished cleaning out the old shed/barn/garage thing that was on our property that we will be turning into our Kitchen and store! We are working on measurements, estimates and drawings to see how it will all come together! This is very exciting for us.

We got our first batch of chicks last week and are expecting our ducks to come within the next couple weeks! We are getting ducks not only to raise for meat but we are getting them for duck eggs. Another new adventure we are trying this year.

Now off to get ready for market tomorrow at the Metrocenter. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and nice weather just as much as we are.

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