Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Rabbit Poop Scoop

Got your attention didn't it!

Being that we have at least 40 does, 5 bucks and about 150 teeny babies right now, we have lots of poop! So it gave me some inspiration to write about it.

That may seem funny, but to some people rabbit manure is considered "Gold."

Whether you are a hobby farmer, commercial grower, or just have flower beds and/or fruit trees rabbit manure could be your best source of fertilizer.

Rabbit manure is considered a "cold" manure. By this I mean that most manures you have to let compost before you can use them on your plants. Rabbit manure on the other hand can be placed directly on the plant.

Some people make "Bunny Brew" out of it, meaning a tea of sorts. We place a shovel full of rabbit manure in a 5 gallon bucket and fill with water. Sometimes we just let it fill with rain water. We then let it sit and steep, stir it a little bit every so often and then when we want to use some we dip some out of the bucket and use a watering can and water our plants with it. 

Other times we just lay it on like a mulch of sorts. Laying it on this way it sort of resembles the time release fertilizer pellets that you spend an outrageous amount of money on at the store. Rabbit droppings don't break down right away so the nutrients get slowly released into the soil. Providing some what of a constant nutrient feed. Making for a stronger, healthier plant. There have been some studies that have show where a photo of a plant was taken and you can see exactly when the rabbit manure was added. The stem goes from thin and gangly to thick and luscious green. The photo added to the right is an image of that sort. You can see where the stem becomes thick. Interesting isn't it.

You can toss it into your compost pile as well. This makes the best home for worms. They absolutely love rabbit manure. There has been proven studies done through Cornell University that have sited that earthworms reproduce faster in rabbit manure and are plumper, healthier and stronger.

Rabbit manure has been nicknamed a natural "steroid" for plants. It contains 3.7% nitrogen, 1.3% phosphorus, 3.5% potassium and contains trace elements of calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, cooper and cobalt. Making for a highly nutritious fertilizer.

So if you know of anyone who has some rabbit poop they would like to get rid of....make sure you "take it off their hands" for them. It will benefit them as to get rid of it and benefit you in growing your plants. The only thing with that may not want to tell them exactly why you want it...they may start charging or keep it all to themselves! ; )

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