Saturday, November 26, 2011

"O Christmas WREATH, O Christmas WREATH"

Yes I do know that those are not the words to the song, but it sounded kind of cool. I was trying to find a song that involved wreaths, but I couldn't think of one.

Anyways, as you know we have decided to make our own handmade wreaths this year for the holidays. Was not sure how this would come out as it was my first time ever trying to do something like this. Dad had made them years ago, but we had not a clue. So it began with Dad showing everyone how.

Then it started moving a little quicker, Eric and Dad were working on     putting the pine bows on the wreaths, Mom was clipping the limbs off the trees, and I was decorating. In theory this was working out good.

Of course Eric Jr was trying to get into everything and bug Julianna! Hopefully next year he will be helping us make them!

I have included some pictures of some of the wreaths, I will take more tomorrow and you will be able to find more photos on our Facebook page throughout the week.

These are not all of them, I forgot the camera for the first few. Those will be added to the Facebook page tomorrow! Plus the ones I get done tomorrow!

If you are looking to get one and want to pre-order it, please let me know. Email me with a date, place and time to pick it up.

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