Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday baskets and upcoming new items!

I have talked to a few of our customers about this, but I figured I should announce it on here. 

Now I know personally, shopping for the holidays ends up being something that I am excited for until I start doing it and it ends up more frustrating because I don't know what to get or trying to get the exact thing that I want and can't find it ends up making me mad. So what is easier and more local than buying something from your local farmer?

Being that we are doing more craft fairs and winter indoor markets, we have a lot planned for the holiday season. We will be taking pre-orders and as soon as we get some of the items made up, I will take pictures and post them on here and our Facebook page.
Some of the things we plan on doing are:
Gift Certificates- for any amount

Gift boxes:
  • Herbs
  • Butters/Jams
  • Teas
  • Both (Herbs, Butters/jams, Teas)
Gift Baskets:
  • Herbs
  • Butters/Jams
  • Teas
  • Both (Butters/Jams, Teas)
Handmade Pine Wreaths

Herbal pillows

And anything else we can think of putting together! 

Make sure if you know you want something you get your pre-order in. Our first Indoor market is December 3rd at the Metrocenter from 9am to 2pm. If  you want it for then you need to let us know soon. I will be doing a craft fair on December 4th as well, so if you want to place an order and pick it up there that would be fine too. Please just let me know where you would like to pick it up.

And we have a few more surprises up our sleeves if I can get them done for the holiday season! I can't wait!

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